A visit to Pearl Abyss' Headquarters, the birthplace of Black Desert Online


With the success of Black Desert Online, Pearl Abyss has been providing its employees with the best possible work experience in Anyang, South Korea. The company started with only 70 employees, but now has more than 200. Pearl Abyss also has undergone a significant workplace improvement recently, which made a lot of people wonder, “is this really a workplace?”

Pearl Abyss wants its employees to be in the best work environment and will not hesitate to provide them with that environment. Pearl Abyss is even trying to provide its employees with entertainment and relaxation within the workplace. Let us take a quick tour to Pearl Abyss’ headquarters, which is composed of four floors of fun and adventure.



▲ A height-adjustable desk 
▲ Everyone is working 
▲ A desk cleaner
▲ A rest area for the employees 
▲ A vending machine
▲ The prices written here are not the actual prices. 
▲ What's a Healing Room?
▲ Employees can get massage therapy during work hours.
▲ This is the place for motion capture 
▲ The camera used for motion capture
▲ Cameras everywhere
▲ Employees can take a nap here
▲ VR devices and gaming computers in the rest area 
▲ This is where the audio engineers work
▲ Software for audio engineering 
▲ The Pearl Abyss Audio Lab, where they produce the beautiful music of Black Desert Online 
▲ A storehouse
▲ Ramen noodles, cereal, and chips are waiting for the employees 
▲ On the second floor, there is the Pearl Abyss Cafe.
▲ You are not allowed to take the food in this snack bar with you to the other floors (except for bottled drinks and cereal) 
▲ Snacks everywhere
▲ Cereal and toasters
▲ Fresh fruits
▲ and Comic books
▲ Shower room
▲ They even have a hair shop for their employees 
▲ A hairdresser will visit the company once in a week.
▲ You can play table football
▲ or ride a scooter
▲ or play some pool
▲ or relax on a massage chair
▲ BDO goods 
▲ Black Spirit says goodbye! 

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