Rocket League streamer returns to host tourney after lying about having cancer to fans

Source: MsDirtyBird


"This is my official apology video. No cuts. No scripts. Nothing." 


A Rocket League streamer known as MsDirtyBird (and sometimes Kaw) has returned to content creation after being condemned for faking a cancer diagnosis earlier this year. 


In July of 2021, MsDirtyBird told her followers that she had brain cancer. But by August, her story started to unravel. 


In August, MsDirtyBird's own sister caught wind of the streamer's claims. She said that MsDirtyBird had not informed her family she allegedly had cancer, saying that the false claim was hurtful. 


MsDirtyBird was forced to come forward and apologize for the serious lies. But her initial apology was a speech taken from an online template. MsDirtyBird released a second apology, calling it her "official" apology video. 




"What I did was undeniably fucked up and should have never happened," Kaw said. "I'm incredibly sorry for what I did, all the lies, everybody that I've hurt, everybody that I've let down. Just everything in general. There's no excuse for it." 


MsDirtyBird then stated that she was going to take a break from streaming, which could even be up to six months to a year. But now Kaw is back just a month or so after the incident. 


MsDirtyBird returns to streaming following false cancer diagnosis


In mid-September, MsDirtyBird reactivated her Twitter and apologized for lying to the Rocket League community. She then stated that she did lie about cancer but it "wasn't recently," citing that the lie was "back in January." 


Kaw then stated that she "didn't realize" the lie was something she "couldn't get out of." 


Then MsDirtyBird announced that she would be hosting a Rocket League tournament organized by Slips. While Kaw tweeted she was "super excited" about the opportunity, the community was immediately critical of Slips for allowing MsDirtyBird the platform. 


Said one Twitter user: "Absolutely disgusting to platform and promote someone who has done vile, horrible, and verifiably fraudulent things. Make this right, and quickly, if you hope to retain me and others as potential viewers."


Others in the Rocket League community also stated that they wouldn't be watching due to Kaw's presence. 



Over on Reddit, the Rocket League community continued to discuss Kaw's decision to return so soon after the scandal. MsDirtyBird had allegedly taken money from fans under the guise of needing cancer treatment, although Kaw claims it wasn't a lot and it was donated to cancer research. Fans demanded to see proof. 


Others called her a narcissist for not truly feeling sorry for her lies. MsDirtyBird has hidden replies to her recent Twitter apology. Many feel she isn't sorry at all since she won't even allow for responses or a discussion on the matter. Instead, Kaw seemed to play the victim, explaining that she has always "lied to fit in" and wasn't sure how to stop. She claims that she only lies in response to getting bullied, which seemed like a way to gain sympathy. 


In her apology, MsDirtyBird stated that she does have a therapist who helps her better understand her reason for lying and how to deal with it. She also claimed to have reached out and privately apologized to many individuals. 


At the end, Kaw said she was open to any questions anyone had about the situation. But now that people can't see responses to the apology, this seems to be yet another lie. 


Slips has yet to make a public statement regarding the backlash. 

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