The full story behind the Sentinels vs. G2 Esports rivalry in VALORANT

Sentinels and G2 Esports are quickly becoming the most interesting rivalry in all of VALORANT esports.


While these two teams hail from different regions, Sentinels from NA and G2 from EMEA, their presence together in the same group at the Berlin Masters Major, combined with some seriously intense back and forth trash talk in the lead up to the tournament has transformed these two teams relationship into quick the spectacle.


As of writing this article, they are tied up 1-1 in matches, with G2 having a map lead over NA's best team. Despite having such a short match history, these two teams have managed to build quite the hype around their hatred of one another.


How did these two teams' rivalry begin, and where is it heading? Here is everything you need to know about the origin of VALORANT's greatest rivalry between G2 Esports and Sentinels.


How the G2 Esport VS. Sentinels rivalry began

The fuse for the rivalry between G2 Esports and Sentinels was lit by Sentinels on August 18th, while G2 was working to qualify for Masters Berlin through the EMEA playoffs. 


Sentinels Tweeted out a video that has over 308k views on it as of writing this article, in which they roasted EMEA teams, including G2, by putting together a compilation of embarrassing moments from the EMEA playoffs. They captioned that video “4 spots for berlin btw. NA> EU” Apparently suggesting that EMEA is not a competitive enough region to deserve four slots at the major.0



G2 Esports responded the following day with a clip of Sentinels doing something embarrassing against Fnatic at Iceland, with the caption "this you?".


But it was pissed off CEO of G2 Carlos “Ocelate” Rodríguez who really stepped things up, replying to that original Tweet with the very aggressive statement: “pray that we don’t qualify/ because if we do/ we will skull fuck you/ both ingame and on twitter/ bitch”


Sentinels replied to that Tweet, copying Carlos’ format saying “pray that davidp isn’t match MVP/ because if he is/ you will sit at home/ and guess who dropped him/ gwho” referring to the fact that G2 dropped Davidp from its VALORANT roster after First Strike Europe.


That Tweet thread continued to escalate from there, with Carlos tweeting back threats at Rob Moore, Owner of the Sentinels, to poach Sentinels Jett Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. Rob Moore replied with, “I heard you were looking for me? Pretty ambitious for a team that failed to place top 3 in Masters I or challengers II or…… Good Luck.”


The rivalry escalates as Sentinels and G2 are placed into the same group

While this rivalry is relatively young, only four or so weeks old, it has escalated quickly after it was announced both would be in the same group at the Berlin major. Immediately upon that announcement, these teams were already at each others throats, slinging trash talk back and forth. But even in the week leading up to groups announcement, these teams were already picking a fight.


On August 20th, G2 struck first, proclaiming “Can’t wait to 2-0 Sentinels in Groups” a prediction that came true in their second match against the sentinels in the group stage. Sentinels fired back with “Listen G4th place, just be glad you finally made LAN... Barely. Get better, show up” referring to the fact that G2 placed 4th in the Berlin qualifiers.


G2 CEO Carlos fired another shot the next day, implying that the only Sentinels only had a chance at qualifying to bracket play because VCT added quarterfinals to what was originally meant to be a semi-final only bracket. Once again, this was still before they were announced to be in the same group.


Then on August 27th, the news came that these two teams would be throwing down in the same group at the VCT Berlin Masters 3 major. 


In response to this news, G2 made a 25-second video that really stepped up the rivalry to mythic heights, calling out Sentinels in a very aggressive fashion. In the video, which you can watch below, Carlos showed off the celebration they are going to use, which involved miming the process of tossing their “balls” at sentinels like a medicine ball. He then concluded the video with the now infamous “F*&k You Sentinels” line and hashtag.


G2’s official account also released a few other bantering videos on that same day, also hyping the budding rivalry between these two teams, which at the time was still a 0-0 contest.


Sentinels had a much more measured post in response to the group stage annoucnement, saying simply saying “The matchup we all wanted. Battery show up, G2 Esports” and “Thanks for the script assist Valorant Esports”


The rivalry was already boiling over, and the teams had yet to play a single match against each other.


The Rivals finally clash in Berlin

After weeks of trash talk, quips, and aggressive attacks on each other, G2 and Sentinels would finally meet in Berlin. But before any matches occurred, these teams weren’t done slinging mud.


As promotion for their participation in the event, G2 Esports made videos and posters claiming that Berlin was their town. 


Carlos even starred in a mostly satirical G2 guide to berlin, that involved him taking shots at NA teams.


Sentinels replied by photoshopping Carlos into that same poster with a red clown nose and the words “this is our clown.” Saying “every town needs one.” 


As clever and well done as the Sentinels response was, nothing could have prepared them for G2’s next escalation. 


On Sunday, September 12th G2 hired an actual plane to fly a huge banner over Berlin with the words “F*&K Sentinels” on it, in preparation for their first match. It was one of the most high effort trash talk posts in esports history, and was certainly the most extra piece of trash talk in VALORANT history.



Sentinels win the first match against G2 2-1

Unfortunately, for G2, Sentinels let the game do that talking, as they took the win on Sunday in 2-1 fashion. Following that match, Sentinels asked “Any jokes left? G2 Esports.”


They also posted a surprisingly well done video in which they replaced the "F*&K Sentinels" plane banner with "Gold2 Esports" to roast G2 following their victory on Sunday. The rivalry was off the races, and Sentinels struck first.



G2 strikes back to win the group over Sentinels

On Wednesday G2 leveled the score by defeating Sentinels in a 2-0 fashion. Not only did that bring the rivalry record to 1-1, it also earned G2 the bragging rights of having the top seed in their group over NA’s finest.


As you could have predicted, G2 had a couple banger posts lined up to roast the Sentinels.


And what did Carlos have to say about the win? "F*&k Sentinels" of course, followed by a dab.



Sentinels were unphased, however, saying that G2 may not be Gold 2 anymore... but they are still plat2 at best.



So the rivalry is all tied up, with the possibility of another match in bracket play, if things play out just right. As Sentinels put it on Twitter, "Real fight starts Friday."



Whether they face off again or not, these teams have done a great job of building up this rivalry in a short amount of time by continuously one-upping each others antics. It has been great for VALORANT and the fans, considering the first match between these two teams ended up pull over 800,000 viewers.


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