G2 Esports defeats Sentinels 2-0 in Sentinels first international VALORANT loss

Source: G2 Esports

After much banter and an early loss in the group stage against the Sentinels last week, G2 Esports rose to the challenge on Wednesday, defeating Sentinels in a definitive 2-0 series. The loss was Sentinels' first loss of the Berlin Major, and given their undefeated record at Masters 2 Reyjkavik, this is the team's first loss on the international stage. With the victory, G2 earned the top seed in their group, which they share with Sentinels and F4Q.



As one could predict, Wednesday's victory sparked a new round of trash talk from G2 toward Sentinels. G2's team captain M1xwell, who has been the face of the rivalry for G2, tweeted out "Gold 2 esports took a map against Sentinels" referring to the nickname given to them by Sentinels. After the win, G2's official account tweeted out some new trash talk, praising Keloqz performance against Sentinels. 


G2 also retweeted a video of Zombs highlights on one map, showing he only got one kill the whole time.


Of course, Sentinels weren't about to back down. They responded with "Gold2 ranked up today. Plat2"



Sentinels and G2 have built up a contentious rivalry in recent weeks, a rivalry that was taken to the next level over the weekend when G2 Esports hired a plane to fly a sign that said "F*&k Sentinels" over Berlin. In response, on Saturday, Sentinels defeated G2 Esports in a 2-1 match, after which they fired back "any more jokes? @G2esports" and referring to G2 and Gold 2 esports.



The real battle begins on Friday with the quarterfinals. Both G2 and Sentinels will compete in the quarter-finals, so we may yet get to see the third match between these two rivals.


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