All the weapons in Fortnite Season 8

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 is finally here. Along with the giant cubes flopping about the map, we also have a new set of weapons for the new season. Burst rifles are back, as are lever-action rifles, while tactical shotguns, deagles, silenced SMGs, and heavy ARs have been vaulted for the season. Mythic weapon-wise, there are a number of powerful guns ranging from sideways miniguns to the new Venom and Carnage Symbiotes. 


Here are the weapons that you can use in the new season!

New weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

  • Standard pistol
  • Automatic sniper rifle
  • Lever Action Shotguns 
  • Pump Shotguns 
  • Standard Assault Rifles 
  • Burst Assault Rifles
  • Suppressed Assault Rifle
  • Standard Submachine guns
  • Rockets
  • Harpoon gun
  • Charge shotgun


This season has a focus on some of the slower weapons, like the slow but deadly level action shotguns and rifles. Additionally, you will have access to standard fare like standard ARs, burst ARs, rockets, standard SMGs, and other weapons that have been staples of Fortnite. As far as we could tell, there is only the automatic sniper in this season as far as ultra-long-range guns, so expect to keep things mid-range and shorter for many of your fights.


As usual, the various weapons come in different rarities levels that will be more deadly the higher rarity they are.


New Mythic weapons in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

  • Chug cannon (Exotic weapon)
  • Sideways Minigun
  • Sideways rifle
  • Shockwave Launcher
  • Slone's Burst Assault Rifle (Coming soon)
  • Carnage Symbiote (Coming soon)
  • Venom Symbiote (Coming soon)

This season features a wide variety of mythic weapons that can only be acquired from NPCs, mostly the bosses scattered throughout the map. Each one can only spawn once in a match, making them the rarest weapons in a game.



Many of these weapons have unique properties, like the Flight-Knock pistols ability to launch enemies (and yourself) into the air, the Sideways rifle which increases in damage the longer you fire it, and the carnage symbiote that will reportedly let you grab enemies (this one hasn't been officially dropped on the map just yet).



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