Hungrybox shares top six Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players to watch this season

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Melee God Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma has been deep in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene lately, including playing in some tournaments, streaming gameplay, and offering his energy as a shout caster. 


Now that LAN tournaments have returned, it's been easier to see which players are rising to the top. Many top players refused to compete during COVID-era tournaments due to the game's questionable online play. Other well-known pros weren't as successful in the online meta. But it's now time for the top players to shine in traditional Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tourneys once again and Hungrybox has been keeping watch. 


In a recent tweet, Hungrybox decided to name his top six Ultimate players in the world. These uncontested players are: 


  • Leonardo "MKLeo" Lopez Perez
  • Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey
  • Tyler "Marss" Martins
  • Sota "Zackray" Okada
  • Takuma "Tea" Hirooka
  • William "Glutonny" Belaid



Hungrybox explained that everyone after these six were "very close" but were a bit short of being in the top six. 


Top six Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players in 2021 so far


MKLeo recently won the Central America Regionals Finals in the Smash World Tour. He then came in second to Tweek at Smash Summit 3. Tweek used Diddy Kong to go 3-0 against the iconic player, surprising the Smash community.


Marss came in fourth at Smash Summit 3. In 2019, he was ranked fifth in the PGRU Power Rankings. Zackray is currently ranked seventh. He came in fifth at Smash Summit 3. Both were knocked out by MKLeo. 


Tea is an iconic Pac-Man main from Japan who is 12th in the PGRU Power Rankings. He's been dominating in tournaments throughout 2021, including a first-place run at Temple: Hermes Edition, Sumabato SP19, and Kagaribi #4. He defeated Glutonny in the Temple finals. Gluttony is currently ranked 8th. The Paris-based player mains Wario and has had 13 tournament wins in 2021 alone. 



To nobody's surprise, Hungrybox's choices led to a debate within the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community. While all of the mentioned players are definitely top contenders, some fans felt that Hungrybox was forgetting other top competitors. 


Said Jason "Mew2King" Zimmerman: "Sparg0 is definitely on par with them, in my opinion." 


Hungrybox responded to the fellow God's opinion by saying that Sparg0 will be "S-tier very soon" if he continues his run into 2021. But for now, Hungrybox feels as though he has yet to show he can consistently place "very high" like the other six in an offline setting.


"Rankings need to value consistency and not enough time has passed," Hungrybox said. 


Others in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community mentioned Dabuz, Nairo, and Kola. Some even said that Glutonny and Tea could be replaced with these names since they haven't won an NA major just yet. But Sparg0 was definitely the name that came up most often as a worthy top-six player. 


Hungrybox has made player tier lists in the past that have also received criticism from the Smash community. But so far, nobody can deny that MKLeo and Tweek are at the top of the Ultimate rankings. 

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