Warzone reveals brand new Pacific map releasing with Vanguard

Warzone revealed an all-new map set in the Pacific ocean, coming to the game with the release of Vanguard on November 5th, 2021. It will be the first new map the game has received since the release of Rebirth Island all the way back in December of 2020. 


In the video revealing the Warzone Pacific map, Raven Software also confirmed that the new PC anti-cheat system will be dropping along with the new map.  



"With the launch of Vanguard, we want to make sure the feel and character of the game extends beyond the multiplayer experience, and into Call of Duty: Warzone," announced Amos Hodge, Associate Creative Director of Raven Software. "There is a brand new Warzone Map coming this year, shortly after the launch of Vanguard. We are going to the Pacific."


He continued, "players will get to traverse the lush landscapes of [a Pacific] Island, and make their way through a variety of extremely cool locations while battling it out alongside friends and foes."


The announcement of the new map comes amid a slump in Warzone's popularity, due to a lack of new exciting content and due to the influx of cheaters. This map is targetted at making Warzone a new, fresh experience, while the new anti-cheat system is meant to improve player experience with cheaters, though as of now it is difficult to know how much a different that system will make.


Screenshots from the Warzone Pacific map


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