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BDO Guide: Ninja Awakening Guide (Part2. Skill Add-on, Costumes, and Techniques/Combos)



Continued from Part 1



■ Ninja Awakening Basics: Skill Add-ons 

You can add a Skill Add-on at Lv. 56, 58, and 60. You’ll need to use a Memory Fragment which roughly costs 0.7 mil., so be sure to add Skills Add-ons for skills that you use frequently. This all depends on your gameplay style, so it won’t be covered in this guide.
[Serpent Ascension]
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters +20 
-Self 5 sec.  PvP Damage +5 
-Self 12 sec. All Accuracy +5%
-Target 7 sec. All Movement Speed -7%
-Target 18 sec. 40 Poison Damage every 3 sec. [240 total damage]
-Target 9 sec. Reduces 7 EP/WP/SP every 3 sec. [-21 in total]
[Katana Shower]
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters +20 
-Self 5 sec.  PvP Damage +5 
-Self 10 sec. All evasion +4%
-Target 7 sec. All Movement Speed -4%
-Target 15 sec. 50 Bleeding Damage every 3 sec. [250 total damage]
-Target Instantly reduces 10 EP/WP/SP
[Vacuum Slash]
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters +25 
-Self 5 sec.  PvP Damage +10 
-Self 12 sec. All Accuracy +4%
-Target 7 sec. All Movement Speed -4%
-Target 7 sec. All Casting Speed  -4%
-Target 15 sec. 50 Bleeding Damage every 3 sec. [250 total damage]
[Corrupt Sword Dance]
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters +25 
-Self 5 sec.  PvP Damage +10 
-Self 9 sec. All Critical Hit Rate +20%
-Target 5 sec. All Attack Speed +10%
-Target 18 sec. 56 Poison Damage every 3 sec. [336 total damage]
-Target 9 sec. Reduces 7 EP/WP/SP every 3 sec. [-21 in total]
[Sudden Decapitation]
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters  +25 
-Self 5 sec.  PvP Damage +10 
-Self 5 sec. All Attack Speed +7%
-Target 7 sec. All Movement Speed -4%
-Target 15 sec. 50 Bleeding Damage every 3 sec. [250 total damage]
-Self Instantly recovers 3 HP
[Drastic Measure]
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters +20 
-Self 5 sec.  PvP Damage +5 
-Self 10 sec.  PvP DP +15 
-Self 10 sec. All evasion +4%
-Self 5 sec. All Attack Speed +7%
-Target 15 sec. 50 Bleeding Damage every 3 sec. [250 total damage]
[Murderous Intent]
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters  +25 
-Self 5 sec.  PvP Damage +10 
-Self 10 sec.  PvP DP +15 
-Self 10 sec. All evasion +5%
-Self 12 sec. All Accuracy +4%
-Target 9 sec. 70 Burn Damage every 3 sec. [210 total damage]
[Vengeful Barrier]
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters +20 
-Self 5 sec.  PvP Damage +5 
-Self 10 sec.  PvP DP +20 
-Target 7 sec. All Attack Speed -7%
-Target 7 sec. All Movement Speed -7%
-Self Instantly recovers 6 HP
-Self 8 sec.  Attack against monsters  +25 
-Self 9 sec. All Critical Hit Rate +20%
-Self 5 sec. All Attack Speed +10%
-Self 7 sec. All Movement Speed +7%
-Target 7 sec. All Attack Speed -7%
-Target Down Smash at 15% Chance Rate

The options added from add-ons and the special features in basic skill descriptions both apply.
Example: Shadow Slash’s Basic feature Att speed 5% + Ankle Cutter’s 10% Att speed Add-on feature are both applied, thus giving a 15% Att speed buff. 
Among Add-on features/Basic features/Elixirs, when the same kind of buff is applied to a single character, the buff with the greater effect remains and the lesser one is cancelled out. For example, after you use Seamless (+10 to Melee Attack), and use Block Jump (+12 to Melee Attack), the buff from Seamless disappears. Block Jump’s +12 to Melee Attack will be applied for 10 sec. When you use Block Jump first and Seamless later +10 to Melee Attack from Seamless doesn’t apply.
If you only use "Attack against monsters" Add-ons because you’re a PvE-only player or only use Att speed and PvP Attack add-ons because you’re a PvP-only player, there will be times when your Add-ons won’t help you at all. Consider your most frequently used skills and choose your Add-ons wisely.


■ Costumes 


Undoubtably the “uniform” for the Ninja class. Looks like a typical ninja outfit. Still gorgeous without any dye, and the cape is especially beautiful. This costume goes best with Sura Katana.


This costume has been given new life after being worn by Ninja. Ninja is the perfect class for this costume. The hat and cape give it a unique style. Some people like this costume more than Narusawa. The only problem is that there are no Pearl Sura Katanas that match this costume, but the coolness will double with Dandelion Sura Katana.

Gavi Regan

It’s the costume that opened up an era of Ninja-style.
Genji is on your side!
Removing the cape will give you a sharp Ninja look. It’s got a somewhat future-oriented design.


■ Ninja Awakening Techniques: How to cancel Shadow Stomp

Shadow Stomp is a really good skill, but it has a long casting animation. It's like you're saying “Hit me!” while waving your arms. There are some tricks you can learn to cancel this animation.
Star Throw (Right-click) – Shadow Stomp
The fastest, most frequently used instant Shadow Stomp Control.
Star: Flight - Shadow Stomp
Everyone uses Star: Flight (Floating) – Shadow Stomp (Air Attack) combo to deal massive damage when it comes to Non-awakening. But after Awakening, there’s not enough skill points for this.
Smokescreen – Shadow Stomp
An instant Shadow Stomp Control, not known by many.
Floor Sweeping – Shadow Stomp
Commonly used in the Ankle Cutter – Floor Sweeping – Shadow Stomp combo chain.


■ Ninja Awakening Techniques: Shifting between Status

There are some skills that allow you to switch status by pressing C while casting.
1. Ankle Cutter – C (Swap)
After cutting your enemy’s ankle, you’ll smoothly switch to Awakening status.
2. C (Swap) during Suicide Fall (Grapple) casting
After grappling the enemy and jumping into the air, hit C while falling. The status changes as you hit the ground.
3. Awakening – Blade Spin
Automatically switches to Non-awakening.
4. Awakening –Target Chase
Automatically switches to Non-awakening.
5. Awakening – Shadow Cloak (Awakening skill for Concealment) – Heart Aiming (Spacebar)
Automatically switches to Non-awakening.


■ Ninja Awakening Techniques: Ghost Step-Drift-M2- Horizontal Slash
When you use Ghost Step in Awakening and hold the Controls, a special move called the “Drift” happens. It’s a move where you slide to the side with one hand on the ground.
By using this Ghost Step-Drift combo, you can get behind the enemy while dodging the enemy attacks.
Ghost Step – Drift - M2 + Movement AD (a.k.a. M2 Horizontal Slash)
This is a trick to go straight to Transitioning Stance after dodging the enemy attack with Ghost Step-Drift. M2-Horizontal Slash makes you automatically take the Transitioning Stance after using it. You can also get WP.
Nothing unusual happens if you use M1 Horizontal Slash, just like when you use Shadow Slash.


■ Ninja Awakening Techniques: Seamless-Sudden Decapitation-Corrupt Sword Dance

While casting Seamless, hitting M1 will do Corrupt Sword Dance, and you’ll do Sudden Decapitation with right-click. You can finish up your combo with Seamless, followed by a short and brief Sudden Decapitation or Corrupt Sword Dance. It’s a good way to recover WP with Corrupt Sword Dance.
An infinite combo of Seamless - M1 (Corrupt Sword Dance) – M2 (Sudden Decapitation) – M1 (Corrupt Sword Dance) is possible.


■ Ninja Awakening Techniques: Suicide Fall-Space Bar

When you press space bar while casting Suicide Fall, the character will face the direction you’re looking at, turn once, and smash the target on the ground. By doing this, you can attempt to increase the duration for Grapple and have less time left for the cooldown.


■ Ninja Awakening Techniques: Using Sudden Decapitation without Execution

In Non-awakening mode, pressing space bar (Jump) and C while pressing W(Forward) will switch you to Awakening mode and you’ll do a jump slash. At this moment, when you press M2, Execution will be used immediately.


■ Using Awakening Skills: Attacking from the target's back 

Awakened Ninjas have less Super Armor, Forward Guard, and HP absorb, so they always need to attack from the back.

1. Transitioning Stance (Forward Guard) – Camera Rotation - Backward Dash

While shifting stances, you’ll have Forward Guard effect. This allows you to switch to Transitioning Stance, rotate your camera, and dash backward, which would penetrate your target and give you a chance to attack from the back. If you’re concerned about getting hit when rotating your view, Switch Stance – Forward Dash – Rotating Camera would be fine, but backward dash lets you move a longer distance. Practice as much as you can to get the hang of adjusting your distance. After dashing, Transitioning Stance will persist, so you can use your Sudden Decapitation, Serpent Ascension, etc. more effectively. Forward Guard – Vengeful Barrier – Switch Stance – Camera Rotate – Backward Dash is also possible.

2. Ninja Step – Camera Rotation
Ninja Step is also a target-penetrating, invincibility skill that you can use to get behind the enemy.
Unlike Dash, if you’re willing to use Transitioning Stance: Serpent Ascension, you’ll need to get behind your target and then Switch Stance.

3. Block Jump
You can use this if you need to get the target from behind and use M2. This might be a good idea if you’re willing to deal more damage with Transitioning Stance.

4. Ghost Step Drift Back
As mentioned above.


■ Using Awakening Skills - Simple Skill Combos

In Non-awakening mode, use Shadow Slash, throw shurikens, pull aggro with Awakening, and kite the mobs nicely in front. After gaining Non-awakening buffs such as Ankle Cutter, Shadow Slash, or Smokescreen, switch to Awakening mode and Start dealing damage.
1. Hold with Guard (Q) – Vengeful Barrier (Forward Guard, Stun) – Switch Stance (Forward Guard) – Camera Rotate – Backward Dash – Serpent Ascension (Transitioning Stance).

You can switch stance, deal massive damage, and use Serpent Ascension while never getting hit. Get those mobs floating with Air Attacks!
2. When you used Serpent Ascension and the mob is still there, use Ghost Step – Drift – Katana Shower.

You won’t get knocked down because of the Super Armor, but since Katana Shower’s HP absorption is pretty poor, if you gain less HP absorption than the mobs’ damage, you’re likely to get killed. Make sure you use it from the back.
3. Block Jump- Other Skills
Block Jump can’t be used in Transitioning Stance, and that’s the reason why Katana Shower was used before it. Other skills can be used like Murderous Intent – Drastic Measure – Transitioning Stance – Sudden Decapitation, Seamless, Vacuum Slash, etc.


■ Combos

[Non-Awakening Combo: Basic]

Shadow Slash – Ankle Cutter – Star Throw – Shadow Stomp – Shadow Clone – Fatal Blow – Fatal Blow Combo - C Swap 

[Non-Awakening Combo: Advanced]

Shadow Slash - Ankle Cutter - Smokescreen/Floor Sweeping/Star Throw/Star: Flight - Shadow Stomp - Shadow Clone - Fatal Blow - Fatal Blow Combo - Blade Spin - C Swap

[Awakening Combo: Vengeful Barrier - Basic]

Vengeful Barrier - Right-click Transitioning Stance - Dash - Serpent Ascension - Bloodthirtst: Katana Shower

[Awakening Combo: Vengeful Barrier - Advanced]

Vengeful Barrier - Seamless 1st hit - A, D M2 - Dash - Murderous Intent - Drastic Measure - Sudden Decapitation - Serpent Ascension - Bloodthirtst: Katana Shower 



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