The four seconds that Faker missed out while 'Hide on Bush'

Photo via LCK Flickr

The game 4 of the 2021 LCK Summer Finals was the deciding game of the DWG KIA vs T1 series. In that key moment when Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s Ryze died, there’s a hidden vision mechanic behind Ryze’s death that’s surprisingly unknown to a lot of people.


Game 4 of DWG KIA vs T1; in-game timer was 33:29. Global gold was 54.2K vs 52.9K, and kill score was 7-8, while the dragon count was 3-2. In terms of gold and dragon stacks, T1 has a slight advantage. In the left side of the mid jungle bush laid a ward put down by DWG KIA, and Faker’s Ryze put down a control ward and deleted DK’s ward.

After putting down a control ward, Faker proceeds to clear DK's ward

If vision from an enemy ward gets denied via the function of the control ward, the enemy will lose vision after one second. But if an enemy ward gets taken down with an oracle lens or control ward, the enemy will have vision of the champion that took down the ward for four seconds.



After clearing it, Ryze moves downwards to throw the enemy off
When DK figured out what Faker was up to, four members of DK immediately collapses on Ryze

After Faker put down the control ward and destroyed DK’s ward, he pretended to leave the bush to throw off the enemy. However, because DK had vision on Faker for four seconds to see him reentering the bush. This led to four members of DK to collapse on Faker and the bush he was hiding in.


While Faker was living up to his solo queue id, ‘Hide on Bush’, he probably thought that at most,  he would probably just trade with Heo “ShowMaker” Su’s Leblanc. However, DK was able to read Faker’s move through this vision mechanic and get the kill on Faker. The extra four seconds of vision was the game changer of the series for DK.

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