Dastardly duo of Warlock cards nerfed in Hearthstone patch 21.2

▲ Two more Warlock cards received the nerf hammer. Images via Blizzard


Two weeks after the Hearthstone development team released a patch nerfing a pair of Warlock cards, another was revealed on Tuesday afternoon that was focused on... two more Warlock cards.


Titled patch 21.2 and shared on the game's official website, Flesh Giant and Stealer of Souls (already banned in the game's Wild mode) are the target of this round of balance changes aimed at not only reducing the power level of Quest Warlock decks but lowering the liklihood of seeings cards that provide poor playing experiences.


The following balance changes come with developer comments that provide a bit of insight into the inner workings of how and why cards are changed.



Dev comment: "While the winrate of decks including Stealer of Souls isn’t particularly high, the games where these decks win are often won in an extreme way. This change, like our philosophy in the first Stormwind balance patch, is aimed at slowing the down the speed of Stealer of Souls and softening those extremes. Note: Stealer of Souls will remain banned in Wild alongside this change."



Dev comment: "We’re moving Flesh Giant up another mana to further reduce the speed at which comes down in the average game. After monitoring the initial balance to change here, we believe it was a bit too soft and are adjusting Flesh Giant accordingly."


The patch, scheduled to go live on Tuesday afternoon, will hopefully quell the fire burning in the psyche of those who dread queuing into Warlock matches on ladder.

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