DK Daeny on facing T1: "I prepared so much for T1 to be ready for the playoffs and Worlds, but..."

For DWG KIA, 2020 Summer was when it all began for them. It was the split when they lifted the LCK championship trophy for the first time. No one really expected them to perform so well, because in the 2020 Spring, they were only a 4th place team. Due to their success, DWG KIA’s coaching staff naturally received much attention; one person that caught the attention of many was Yang “Daeny” Dae-in, because he was a pro gamer in a totally different game title.


Fast forward a year later to present day, DWG KIA heads into another finals; this time, against T1. Unlike their previous splits, players on DK had their fair share of ups and downs. However, with Daeny rejoining the team, the team looked as if they returned to their prime form. Although it hasn’t been long since Daeny rejoined, it was enough for the team to turn things around for themselves. At this point, you begin to wonder if it’s in their DNA to be strong by this time of the year, or if Daeny rejoining the team had that much impact on the team’s performance. With the finals just around the corner, we at Inven had a chance to speak with Daeny.


Daeny started the conversation by sharing the regrets that’s left with T1. "I prepared so much to get T1 ready for the playoffs and Worlds, but I was very disappointed that I didn’t get to execute any of what I’ve prepared. After I parted ways with T1, I looked for teams I can help win LCK and Worlds. I received an offer from the head of DWG KIA and Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun; after giving it much thought, I joined DWG KIA.”


The 2021 version of DWG KIA is a different team from when Daeny was a coach on the team in 2020. Kim “Khan” Dong-ha replaced Jang “Nuguri” Ha-gwon as the newest top laner, with the guidance of kkOma and his new coaching staff. Daeny commented, “Even though Khan’s the oldest on the team, he’s incredibly competitive. I think that’s why he can absorb all the feedback like a sponge; the amount of time and effort he puts in practice to maintain his form is very impressive. From kkOma, I was able to hear his various experiences and learn about how he operates a team as a head coach.”


When asked about the changes he brought onto the team, he commented, “In the grandest scheme of things, changes to Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu seem to be the most noticeable. However, for such changes to take place, all laners must be on the same page. In order to provide guidance towards a new direction, players must all be on the same page when looking at the biggest picture; laning phase and various macro feedback are just necessities that help the players be on the same page. I especially focused on the bot lane laning phase; teaching them how to easily communicate the aforementioned topics was a lot easier due to having previously worked with most of them.”


Daeny also spoke up on the matchup against T1, emphasizing the importance of conditioning the team for a series and the team’s drafts. “It’s important to have a good read of the series, especially in an important match like the finals. I’ll be able to predict how the series will go depending on the draft that day.”


Lastly, Daeny commented, “Although it hasn’t been long, I was lucky enough to receive an opportunity as an analyst on DWG KIA. I’d like to thank the head of the organization and kkOma for the opportunity. I really want to make my time worth it, and I’ll work hard to make it be worth it, for both finals and Worlds!”

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