Hearthstone development team to nerf Warlock (again) next week

▲ Nemsey is pondering how her class will be hit next. Images via Blizzard Entertainment


Less than 10 days after the most recent round of Hearthstone balance changes saw two Warlock cards nerfed, the development team has announced that a couple more are on the horizon.


On Wednesday afternoon, Lead Designer Alec Dawson shared on his Twitter account an upcoming roadmap of what the development team is working on internally and it included a second batch of balance changes coming next week.


In the tweet, Dawson said that on Tuesday, August 31 two more Warlock cards are having their mana "upped" due to the "focused feel" of how the class is operating currently.


Despite the nerfs to Darkglare and Flesh Giant on the 16th, Warlock is still played heavily and players have been vocal about the current state of the class on social media and community forums.


As The Demon Seed Questline forces players to continually damage themselves without providing much counterplay from the opponent, some feel helpless as they're forced to sit back, watch the Warlock do their thing then lose due to the strength of the Quest's final form. Even if the Warlock player does lose the game, the opponent is forced feeling as if they did very little to impact the outcome.


▲ Alec Dawson


It's unknown currently how the development team plans to nerf Warlock's deadly combo engine but they do have plenty of options. If they want to keep the archetype in existance, perhaps they slightly tweak the mana cost of cards such as Stealer of Souls, Backfire, or Unstable Shadow Blast. If removing the current Questline's viability from the meta entirely is their goal, they can rework the card's text to function different fundamentally.

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