Hearthstone devs unleash first round of United in Stormwind nerfs, 8 cards hit

▲ United in Stormwind balance changes have arrived. Images via Blizzard Entertainment


After one of the more polarizing Hearthstone meta games in recent memory kicked off the United in Stormwind expansion, the game's development team announced Monday afternoon that eight cards will be receiving nerfs in an upcoming patch.


Scheduled to go live on Tuesday, a post shared on the game's official site outlined a list of cards that the development team felt would provide a better playing experience if they were a bit weaker.


In the nearly two weeks since the expansion went live, a common complaint from the game's community on social media platforms and forums is that games felt more like solitaire and less like Hearthstone. With the introduction of Questlines, classes such as Demon Hunter, Mage, and Warlock aren't required to play many minions or interact with the opponent's board much to complete their Quests and kill the opponent quickly. 


To some, it doesn't feel fun to, essentially, play the game against yourself. To others, it has created a unique meta that emphasizes resource management; knowledge of what the opponent wants to do and denying that; and constructing decks so optimized that each and every card must play an impactful purpose.


After the development team let the rapidly changing meta settle, the following cards will be changed for patch 21.0.3:


The development team provided the following statement alongside the balance changes:

"After two weeks of monitoring the rapidly evolving United in Stormwind launch metagame, we’re making a few balance changes to slow down the speed of the game by a turn or two. Overall, this translates to two things: limiting the efficiency at which combo decks can assemble the pieces they need to win, and reducing the burst damage that board-based decks have access to from hand. We hope that these changes will give a bit more room for slower strategies to find success in this meta, and we’ll continue to keep an eye on the live game to see if any further changes are needed."

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