[Guide] Best RAAL MG loadout in Warzone Season 5

Source: Activision

Warzone surprise dropped the RAAL MG to Warzone Season 5 this past week. It is the final remaining MW weapon to be added to the game. The weapon has been available to play with as ground loot in the past but was never officially added as a gun you can add to your Loadout drop, until now!


We put together the best RAAL MG Loadout for Warzone so you can make the most of this brand new LMG!


Overview to the RAAL MG

The RAAL MG is a slow-firing LMG that features a solid damage model and controllable recoil. These features make it perfect for taking long-range engagements.


According to Exclusive Ace's testing, the RAAL MG features a base damage model of 37 up close and 34 damage at long-range and deals 40 damage to the upper torso up close, which drops off to 37 damage at long range. With a rate of fire of just over 550 rounds per minute, the time to kill is around 650 MS at long-range and short-range alike.


So this weapon is a seven-shot kill at all ranges against an enemy with full armor, though you will have to hit a majority of your shots in the upper torso to acquire a seven-shot kill at long range. It won't excel in close-range fights, but in long-range fights, this gun is pretty respectable.


With all of that in mind, the following loadout maximizes this gun's ranged potential by eliminating the little recoil that remains on the base version of this gun, improving its ADS speed and maneuverability, and adding a ranged scope to ensure that you can acquire (and eliminate) your enemies.


Best Attachments for the RAAL MG

  • RAAL Monocore suppressor
  • 32.0" RAAL Line Breaker
  •  FFS Oblique
  • Scoped sight
  • Stippled Grip Tape


RAAL Monocore suppressor

The RAAL Monocore suppressor is an attachment unique to the RAAL. As you would expect from a suppressor, it will silence the sounds from your gunfire. The unique aspect of the RAAL Monocore is that it will also increase your damage range, though this gun comes with a very good standard damage range so it is unclear how much that bonus is actually helping you. Regardless, it is pretty much always best to use a suppressor in Warzone.


32.0" RAAL Line Breaker

The RAAL Line Breaker barrel is the best all-around barrel for the RAAL. It adds extra damage range, better bullet velocity, and improved recoil control. This barrel will supercharge the RAAL MG's dominance in long-range fights and is probably the best option to go with for most players. If you are planning to take more up-close and personal fights, however, it might be better to run with the 25.0" RAAL Tri-fold Lite, which boosts your ADS speed instead.


FFS Oblique underbarrel

The FFS Oblique is a unique underbarrel attachment design to improve the vertical recoil on this gun. The canted foregrip will improve the handling of this weapon and increase your ADS speed slightly. Overall, this is a great attachment for minimizing this gun's recoil and turning it into a deadly laser at range.


Scoped sight

With this build focusing on long-range damage, ideally, you would use a 3x or a 4x scope of some description. As always, you should go with whatever sight you like the most personally. There is a unique scope called the Solozero K498 4.0x integral that features a 4x magnification, but really you should use whatever you feel most comfortable with.


Stippled Grip Tape

The Stippled Grip Tape is an old standby attachment for LMGs, and for good reason. This attachment is going to give you a boost to your ADS speed and your sprint to fire speed, which will help this gun be a little more maneuverable and mobile. You shouldn't be running around with this weapon like it's an SMG or anything, but the additional reaction time you can get out of the Stippled Grip Tape is definitely worth the slot.

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