"Flash on D vs F?" LCK pros answer the longest unanswered question of League of Legends

Image source: @t1lol

We at Inven have a running interview series called the “TMI Interviews”, where we ask the LCK pros a whole bunch of questions, and the interviewees have to speedrun through them all. Out of the bunch, the one staple question is the age-old question in League of Legends: Flash on D vs F? From the LCK pros that are currently playing in the LCK, retired pros turned streamers, to the current LCK announcers, almost all of them were in agreement that Flash should be on F. Here's what they had to say to those on the other side of the spectrum.

AF Bang - Flash on F

Gen.G Ambition - Flash on F

T1 Canna - Flash on F

HLE Chovy - Flash on F

HLE Deft - Flash on D

DK ShowMaker - Flash on F

T1 Canna - Flash on F

T1 Faker - Flash on F

The two announcers of the LCK - Flash on F

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