New skin or new champion? Image of a mysterious bird-like figure revealed.

On April 3rd, League of Legends revealed an image of a mysterious bird figure on their official Twitter account.

The image shows a figure floating above the clouds with a huge set of wings and a shining golden aura imprinted with feathers, which means we can anticipate a new champion relating to birds or one having a bird-like figure.

The word among users is that since the figure in the image appears to be similar to ‘Quinn’, it could be her new skin. However, others believe that it could be a picture of the new champion that was mentioned in a leak. Within the post in question, users referred to this mysterious figure as ‘The Harpy and The Phoenix’, which suggests that the figure is a duo champion.

The duo champion system is a special system in which one must use two champions together to play, like ‘Cho’ and ‘Gall’ from ‘Heroes of Storm’, an AoS game by Blizzard. It is mentioned however that ‘The Harpy and The Phoenix’ can be played without one another.

Assuming this is true, users are looking forward to seeing if and how the duo system will actually be used in the game with this new champion, as there has been no champion that has utilized such a system in League of Legends.

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