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JAG SnowFlower: "I expect us to do well in the [promotion] tournament"



On April 2nd (KST), Jin Air Green Wings defeated bbq Olivers in the last match of the regular season with a record of 2-1.

Hoijong "SnowFlower" No surprised the fans by picking a champion that hasn't been played in the LCK for a long time - support Vel'Koz.

Here is our interview with Hoijong "SnowFlower" No.

Congratulations on your hard-earned victory. How are you feeling right now?

Although we will still be relegated to the promotion tournament, we are glad that we ended the regular season with a win.

Although you've finished Game 1 and 3 pretty fast, Game 2 dragged on for quite a bit. Why do you think it went on longer than the others?

We quickly won Game 1 and 3 because we were ahead in all lanes. However, it wasn't the case for Game 2 because we were roughly equal in all lanes, so the game went on longer.

It's not easy to see Vel'Koz in a match. What was the reason behind your pick?

I remember MVP's Jongbin "Max" Jung playing support Vel'Koz against Zyra on stage. Since I tried out playing Vel'Koz a few times in the Solo Queue and bbq picked Zyra, I decided to go with Vel'Koz. Miss Fortune is one of more popular champions that can counter Zyra because of her longer attack range - Vel'Koz can counter Zyra for the same reason.

You haven't played in the promotion tournament for a long time. How do you feel about that?

I don't really feel much pressure about it anymore. I expect us to do well in the tournament since we are a lot better in terms of teamwork than before.

It seems that the team's playstyle changes completely depending on whether Iksu "Ikssu" Jeon or Joonyoung "SoHwan" Kim is playing. Who do you prefer more to play with?

Their strengths and weaknesses are completely different. They are polar opposites. Ikssu can play tanky toplaners better while SoHwan can play DPS toplaners better. Personally, I can play well with either player.

Is there a specific team that you want to face in the promotion tournament?

I don't really have any preferences. All we need to think about is playing well instead of matchups.

Jihwan "Raise" Oh is now a jungler, but he used to be a support like yourself. Have you had any discussion with him about his role change?

Well, we used to talk about laning when he was a support, but after he started to identify himself as a jungler, we don't really talk much about the game. There's one thing that I want to share though: Since his playstyle is similar to KT's Dongbin "Score" Ko, we often call him either Ji-Core or Ji-Gosu.

bbq's Syndra stole Baron from you in Game 2, but it looked like it could have been prevented if Gragas kept her in check. Did your team share any feedback about the Baron steal?

We did talk about how it could have gone better if Gragas kept Syndra in check. However, the only that that I remember hearing during the teamfight was "Burst Baron! Burst Baron!" - I don't think it would've been possible for us to be level-headed in that hectic situation.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else that you want to share?

I would like to thanks the fans who are always cheering for us even when we are not playing well. Also, I want to thank our coaching staffs who can be both nice and strict depending on what's necessary for us. I want to thank the office for supporting us as well. We will be taking that charter flight to the World Championship before you know it, so please continue rooting for us.


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