Pokémon Unite releases on mobile September 22 with two new Pokémon

▲ Two new competitors are entering the battlefield. Images via The Pokémon Company


Pokémon Unite content keeps on coming.


In an unexpected turn of events, Pokémon Unite led off the Pokémon Presents event Wednesday morning. During the pre-recorded event, The Pokémon Company shared an official release date as to when players can expect to begin playing the team battler on their mobile devices as well as two new Pokémon coming in a future update.


When does Pokemon Unite release?

Takato Utsunomiya, The Pokémon Company's Chief Operating Officer, announced that the massively popular Nintendo Switch title would be coming to Android and iOS devices on September 22.


On launch, the mobile version will feature cross-play and cross-progression with the console version of the title.


Players can already begin pre-registering on both mobile platforms. If more than 2.5 million people do so, players will receive a Pikachu Unite License. If that number exceeds 5 million, a unique Pikachu Holowear will be distributed as well.



The other bit of information shared during the game's presentation was two new playable characters coming in future updates making their debut. Mamoswine and Sylveon, two Pokémon beloved by members of the franchise were revealed, alongside a couple of their abilities.


Mamoswine, the Ice/Ground-type Pokémon revealed in Generation 4, looks to get up in player's faces and put their massive tusks to good use. With a Unite move that charges forward before stomping on the ground violently, players will need to keep an eye on the mammoth during team fights to avoid being caught up in the madness.


Sylveon, the most recent Eeveelution that made its debut in Generation 6, looks to approach combat differently. Historically a ranged attacker, the Fairy Pokémon looks much more fragile and can blast a wave of energy as one of their moves.


A release date was not revealed for either.

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