[LCK Today] NS RedForce heads into round 2 of the LCK playoffs by defeating AF 3-1

NS RedForce made it very clear that even when things may seem bleak, they know what they needed to do to win. On Aug 18, NS faced off against AF in the first match of the 2021 LCK Summer split playoffs. With a 3-1 victory, NS defeated AF to head to round 2 of the playoffs, where they’ll either face Gen.G or DWG KIA.


AF had a good early to mid game lead in game 1 and 2. With an early game snowball composition, they were successful in getting a series lead by winning in game 1. Kim “Kiin” Ki-in successfully built his lead in the top lane, and with AF getting a solo kill in mid lane as well. Despite this pattern repeating itself in game 2, however, NS learned to adapt to the situation, and that’s when they fought back.


Despite the huge gold gap, NS forced AF over to contest Baron Nashor and forced a teamfight. From that teamfight victory, NS closed out game 2. AF’s nightmare scenarios continued to ensue in game 3, as they failed to get a lead in the early game with a strong early game team composition. Time was on NS’ side, as they knew that they’d outscale AF; NS was patient in pushing AF into a corner, eventually taking game 3.


In an attempt to shake up the flow of the series, AF decided to flex Syndra into the bot lane. However, it proved to be unfruitful, as NS managed to out-macro any form of mechanics and sharp intuition from AF.


Due to NS’ victory, T1 and Liiv SANDBOX have been confirmed to at least play in the regional qualifiers. For AF, however, not only have they been eliminated from playoffs, but also from the regional qualifiers as well.

2021 LCK Summer split playoffs round 1 results

Match 1: NS RedForce 3 - 1 Afreeca Freecs


2021 LCK Summer split playoffs round 1, match 2 schedule

Match 2: Liiv SANDBOX vs T1 [Aug 19, 5pm KST]

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