[Guide] How to play Fortnite's new "Impostors" mode

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Fortnite dropped a brand new game mode in Tuesday's update called "Fortnite Impostors." Thenew party mode draws heavily on mechanics popularized in games like Among Us and the Trouble in Terrorist Town mod.  For those who are looking to check out the new Imposters mode, here is everything you need to know to get started!



How to play Fortnite's Impostor mode

Just like in Among Us and other similar impostor-style games, the Impostors mode will assign players to one of two teams, either the legit "Imagined Order" team referred to as the Agents, or the impostor's team that will be looking to eliminate the agents. 


Games with eight or more players will feature two impostors, while games with fewer than eight players will only contain a single impostor.


For the Agent team to win, they will need to either sus out the impostors or complete a series of Fortnite-related assignments like repairing battle busses, delivering reports on the storm, and other assignments. If enough of these tasks are completed before all of the non-impostor agents are killed, the Agent team will win the game.


For the impostor team to win, they will have to kill all of the Agents in time without being discovered and killed themselves. In addition to of course being able to murder agents, impostors can also sabotage players from completing their assignments in various ways, including disabling assignments, teleporting all of the players to a new location, or turning everyone into the Peely skin to blend in.


When a murdered player is found, players will be able to call a meeting to discuss who done it, and who is the most sus. Players can also call a meeting by going to the Bridge Center room, just like in Among Us. At the end of each meeting, players will be able to vote someone off. 


By default, there is no public chat in Impostors, but players can use emotes and a special Quick Chat menu to accuse fellow players. If you are playing in a private party, obviously you can also use a chat service like Discord as an alternative.


Impostor Tips and Tricks in Fortnite

As an Agent, remember who you see and who they are with

This game is about the investigation, so don't forget to investigate everyone and trust no one! In service of this mission, you should also be observing your surroundings at all times, even when you are completing assignments. When you see two players together, file that fact away in your mind, so that if one of those players ends up dead, you know who to suspect. If there are players running around who appear to be doing nothing, note who they are and be ready to accuse them when a meeting is called. 


As an Agent, don't make hasty decisions

It can be easy to just vote someone off for the hell of it, or on a really small suspicion, but if you misread a situation you can actually do more damage than good. It is better to not vote anyone off if can't find a solid suspect, since voting off your teammates is only doing work for the Impostor team. Try to make your decisions deliberately and take into account all the facts that have been presented, as well as your own understanding of the game based on your own two eyes. Don't get bamboozled by a smart impostor social engineering the Agents against each other!


As an impostor, blend in and pretend to be doing assignments

It is going to be really obvious that you aren't on the Agent's team if you aren't at least trying to look like you are completing assignments. In fact, it's probably a good idea to do a few assignments here and there while other Agents are around so that you aren't first on the chopping block come voting time. Just like in Among Us, a good impostor blends in and plans their strike carefully.


As an impostor, don't be the most accusatory one in the room 

If you have ever played Among Us, you know that often the person who gets voted out first was also the person who was the most aggressive in their accusations. People tend to suspect the most aggressive and loud people in these type of murder mystery part games. That said, if you are too quiet that can also make you the target. A moderated, reasonable tone in your accusations is the best way to blend in and stay alive as an impostor, or even as an agent for that matter.


As an impostor, report your own kill to fake out the Agent team

If you haven't been seen with your victim in the lead-up to a kill, it can be smart to report your own kill to the team to throw off suspicion. This is a risky strategy, admittedly, since if an enemy did see you together with their partner, they may point the finger at you. But when the fake works, it can help alleviate suspicion on you and get you one kill closer to the win!



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