SKT T1 Huni: "The grand plan is to win the World Championship and everything in between."


On April 1st, SK Telecom T1 was no less strong just because they are already confirmed to be on the finals of the playoffs. Instead, SKT T1 was simply dominant against MVP, ending the final match of the regular season with a 2-0 record.

As for Seunghoon "Huni" Heo, it was very impressive to see him doing well with Fizz in Game 1 and then destroying the said champion in Game 2 with Rumble.

Here is our interview with Seunghoon "Huni" Heo.

Congratulations on finishing the regular season with another match win.

I'm glad that I managed to do well in the regular season even after coming back to Korea. I'm now proud and confident that I've always done well in the regular season. It's a good finish for my team and for myself. These facts are what keeps me going to try harder. Since I've got an MVP with a 2-0 record for the last match before the finals, I think I can prepare for the finals in a good mood.

Junsik "Bang" Bae was not impressed with Lucian, even when it ranks highly in the KR Solo Queue in terms of popularity and win rate. What are your opinion as the OG Lucian main?

If we say that the players are about equal, I don't think Lucian is an on-meta pick anymore. Unless the opposing support is an off-meta champion, I think Ashe and Ezreal is probably a lot more stable. I really wanted to pick Lucian a few times, but I guess it can't be helped. I might have been able to play it at least once if the stars aligned... It's a big shame.

Early on in the season, there were some criticisms about you saying that you needed to be babysitted by the jungler to play well.

I knew all along that I'd do well in Korea. Although I went through some rough patches on stage, I never did poorly in scrims and practices. I never lost my confident either. Those criticisms only made me more determined to practice more. Euijin "Reignover" Kim is a good player, but I knew that I was also a good player; I didn't need to take those criticisms to heart.

It seems that you've gotten used to being with SKT T1. Actually, you've always adjusted well to your new team. Can you tell us how you do it?

I think my adaptability is to thank for my good results in the regular season. I'm an outgoing person, and it's easy for me to earn trusts of my teammates. Being in a good relationship with your teammates have a lot of advantages, including being able to share candid feedback and having mutual respect for each other. It really works well.

Coach Junggyun "kkOma" Kim prefers to play with established strategies. Did you have any conflicts regarding the playstyle?

When I was playing at overseas league, I expected lower-ranked teams to have prepared an unorthodox strategy. So, I always thought that I'd be able to win as long as I stuck to fundamentals while being careful about those unexpected plays. I don't think I need to take risks if I can win without taking risks. So I didn't have any problem adjusting to his playstyle.

Now that you have a few days off, do you have any specific plans to enjoy your vacation?

Not really. I think I'll just play games with my friends and spend some time with my family, and then I will do whatever I can to prepare for the finals.

What team would you prefer to face in the finals?

I really wouldn't mind no matter who goes up to the finals. However, I do expect Samsung Galaxy to make it there because they are really on a roll. Nevertheless, since we are already on the finals, I think it's better to practice more rather than worrying about who will make it to the finals.

I don't recall SKT using an early game strategy like invades. Is it because you had the liberty to do so as the last match of the season?

After losing against SSG, we started to practice some early game strategies. Before losing against SSG, I thought we'd always win as long as we played safe. However, we began to think otherwise after that match, and we tried it out today after having some success with it. I'm content since it worked as we planned.

What are some strengths of toplane Fizz with Ignite?

It's pretty good at split-pushing, and it has a pretty good matchup against any champion as long as you get up to Level 6 without trouble. It's really good. Its laning is strong, and it always poses a threat of a solo kill. I think it's a high tier champion. The threat of the Chum the Waters puts a lot of pressure on the opponent. However, the difference between having Ignite and not having it when trying to pick someone off is huge, so I'm trying out Ignite to go with Fizz. Since Flash is not as important for Fizz than other champions, I think Ignite is worth more than Flash. Reduced healing is another plus.

You couldn't have the final words in the interview with the OGN, what were you going to say if you had the chance?

We have about three weeks to go before the finals. I'll make sure that I prepare well enough to show the best of my abiliity in the tournament. I've always won the Split when I was at EU, but it wasn't the case in the NA LCS. Honestly, I think I didn't do well with Immortals because I got careless, but I'll make sure that it doesn't happen ever again and win the tournament after preparing well enough.

Thank you for your time. Do you have anything else that you want to share?

I am grateful for the fans who are cheering for me. I can really feel the love that the fans are sending towards me. This is probably the happiest point of my professional LoL career. It's physically and mentally taxing, but I really like that I'm playing in Korea, and I'm glad that I'm putting up good results. I hope that we'd be able to end the season as the winner. I want to win not only the Spring Split but also the Mid-Season Invitational. That's only the short term plan though - The grand plan is to win the World Championship and everything in between.


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