NS Gori: "Peanut is always good. He’s the best jungler in the LCK."


On August 13, in the 2021 LCK Summer Split, Nongshim RedForce swept DRX and stayed on top of the standings in the LCK. Along with their 12th win, Nongshim RedForce mid laner Kim “Gori” Tae-woo collected 1,100 Player of the Game points and confirmed Player of the Split. With one more match to go, Gori will be at least tied for Player of the Split. After the match, Gori and Han “Peanut” Wang-ho joined the analyst desk for an interview.



Congratulations on today’s win. How do you feel?


Gori: After being swept by Afreeca Freecs, I was a bit down, but to stay in 1st place, we needed to win today. It’s a relief that we won.


You’ve also confirmed Player of the Split. How does it feel?


Gori: When I got my first POG, I thought it will be difficult to become Player of the Split, so I just thought I should do whatever I can do for the team. I’m very happy that I’m leading Player of the Game points. [Laughs]


How do you feel, Peanut?


Peanut: Since we lost 0-2 to Afreeca Freecs, I really wanted to win today. It’s a relief that we won. I think having an easygoing mind helps when we play.


A word to Gori about the Player of the Split?


Peanut: I’m very thankful to him for contributing to the team so well.


Game 1 was Jayce and Nidalee. Did you bring both of those champions to poke more?


Peanut: Rather than that, we didn’t want to give up both Renekton and Nidalee, so we picked Nidalee.


How was it facing Taliyah?


Peanut: Taliyah is a good enough pick, but she isn’t as good as the junglers that appear nowadays. I was rather glad when I saw them pick Taliyah.


Gori usually struggles up to the 15-minute mark, but your teamfight makes up for everything. What’s your secret?


Gori: Rather than that I do well after the 15-minute mark, I’m just bad before that point. [Laughs] I just play normally after that, but since I don’t do well, it looks like I’m doing even better in the late game.


Peanut does so much up to that point. What do you think?


Gori: Peanut is always good. He’s the best jungler in the LCK.


How is it playing with Gori?


Peanut: Gori is a player who helps me work harder in the early game. [Laughs] Although Gori makes mistakes from time to time in the early game, he makes up for everything in the mid-late game, so I have faith in him.


DRX picked Maokai in game 2, which doesn’t appear that often. After the draft, did you think you won the draft?


Gori: We had a favorable matchup on the top side. Although they drafted Maokai as a joker pick, we still thought we had the edge.


In both games, you had to face Renekton playing LeBlanc. What did you think about this matchup?


Gori: In the laning phase, the better player would win, but more than that, we needed to win the game. I thought LeBlanc gets much better as time goes, so I just thought I should scale while spending time efficiently.


When were you sure that you won?


Peanut: When Aphelios took about three shields off the turret, I thought we were ahead. After I solo-killed Nidalee, I was sure that we’d win.


The standings are so close. How do you think it’ll go?


Gori: I want to confirm 1st place in our next match against Gen.G. It’s safer to start in the semifinals… I just want to start playoffs there. I think I need to do well.


Peanut: I’ll be doing my best to finish the season well. But if we feel too pressured, it might not work out. Even if we were to lose, we’re still going to the playoffs, so I think it’s more important to prioritize the playoffs.


Last comments to the fans?


Gori: You would have been worried since our recent performance was shaky. I’ll do my best so that we could do well in our last match against Gen.G and in the playoffs.


Peanut: From early in the season to now, even I think we were really shaky. Even so, we’re still in 1st place. Although no one knows how the next match will go, I’ll do my best to prepare for it. Thank you.


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