April Fools' Day pranks from Blizzard Korea that are too good to be true


It’s that time of the year, when Blizzard Korea returns for its annual April Fools' Day prank.

Blizzard already released a lot of news this year. We are now seeing Heroes of the Storm 2.0, Overwatch APEX Season 2 a week away from finals, World of Warcraft 7.2 patch that actually started its journey to the Tomb of Sargeras, Journey to Un’Goro preparing to launch in Hearthstone, and Brood War remastered for modern platform with remastered graphics. Blizzard is offering us a rich amount in April Fools' this year.


Tour package around the maps of Overwatch in real life

Overwatch launched its own tour package inspired by some famous maps of Overwatch. You can visit Hanamura in Osaka, King’s Row in London, Hollywood in LA, and Ilios in Santorini. Each package offers a 0.41% limited time discount. It is a great chance to visit all the iconic sites of Overwatch's world and see for yourself if this world is really worth fighting for.


The tour package also comes with featured events, such as Mei’s cold pack massage that will make you younger than ever, and Lúcio’s dinner and a show in which he will play his own DJ set. Don’t forget to take away with you the special souvenir, Over’watch’ that you can actually wear, as it was memed by Korean gamers even before the game was released.

▲ What an overly luxurious watch, don't you think?
▲ Enjoy the trip, but don't forget to push the payload.


Medivh’s secret archive that gives you the cosmic knowledge

In the depths of Karazhan, Blizzard excavated the secret archive of Medivh, in the form of a PC folder. He hid all the secret and powerful knowledge inside the folder so that he could keep it as his own, but it was not so long until it was found and released to all gamers around the world. AMA!

▲ Khalani textbooks in the form of popular English textbooks in Korea


Learning Khalani, the language of Protoss

These textbooks will greatly help those that are willing to learn Khalani so that they can hang out with their cool alien friends. Blizzard even offers its own Khalani language institute, where students can learn from famous lecturers like Artanis, Alarak, and Zeratul. [Zeratul is still alive in the Nexus.]

▲ Probes will zap you if you fall asleep during the lecture.
▲ I think no.5 means "No error."



Blood Shard smartwatch for real Nephalems

This wearable device makes your tough adventure in the Sanctuary much easier. You can wear this device on any part of your body, and it will pick up your game habits and store in its memory for various uses. It notifies you when you acquire a legendary item, and even wakes you up if you fall asleep while grinding through Nephalem Rift. Start your new season with this awesome device that even vibrates to give you a wrist massage.

▲ Compatible with most Android and iOS devices.
▲ Wake up Nephalem, you have work to do.



Vote for the next hero to be in the Nexus

Heroes of the Storm, aka the luxurious restaurant among Korean gamers, offers its players the chance to vote for the next hero to arrive in the Nexus. A total of 401 candidates have participated, and one hero with the least amount of vote is disqualified every week. This means that the competition will go on for 400 weeks. I really wonder who will make it to the end.



Hearthstone's education mode for children

Recent studies, although we are not sure exactly what expert source we are talking about, revealed that playing Hearthstone makes notable contribution to the child’s reasoning ability especially during the stage when his or her cognitive perception of the world is complexified.

▲ The finished painting will be sent back to the children after 40 years.

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