Hearthstone players are comparing the United in Stormwind expansion to solitaire

▲ Hearthstone has turned into a classic. Image via ColdSnapSP/Reddit


Less than 48 hours after the most recent Hearthstone expansion, United in Stormwind, went live, players began comparing the massive collectible card game title to the 18th-century single-player game solitaire.


Shortly after players got their hands on the new content Tuesday afternoon, posts on the game's official subReddit began flying in about how uninteractive matches feel as a result of Questlines.


For those unaware, Questlines were introduced in United in Stormwind and act as a series of mini-tasks that a player must complete earning a small reward over and over again until the final chore is complete which rewards players with a massive payoff. Players are so hyper-focused on completing the Questline at all costs that interacting with the opponent's board and countering the opposition's moves become secondary or nonexistent.


With an emphasis being placed on what you are doing as opposed to what your foe has up their sleeve, players are asking themselves "Why does it feel like I'm playing by myself?"


In the two days since a countless number of players have shared their displeasure with the current state of things.



While players may be frustrated with what decks look like after two days, history suggests there's room for optimism around the corner. When an imaginative mechanic is introduced, such as Questlines, players, naturally, want to do what they can to cram them into their decks and give them a shot. With the majority of Hearthstone players being those who have played for years, trying out a new toy is the breath of fresh air that fuels them to continue dedicating their free time to the title long-term.


Does that mean Questlines need to be nerfed or they're a "terrible addition" to the title? No, not necessarily.


If over the next month players continue to have gripes and there are multiple Tier 1 decks featuring Questlines that the development team feels lead to uninteractive or unfun gameplay they will intervene. There's enough of a track record that shows this version of the game's development team isn't afraid to nerf cards early and often to provide the best playing experience possible.


They just don't feel the need to do that two days into an expansion when everyone is giving the new mechanic a try and the dust surrounding the meta hasn't settled.

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