T1 Oner: "I think LSB Croco is currently the best jungler in the LCK."

After T1 defeated Fredit BRION 2-1 on July 31, the jungler for T1, Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon, spoke about getting the team’s 9th victory of the split, the playoffs, and his thoughts on T1’s next match against Gen.G.


“It feels really bad that our win streak came to an end when we lost to Liiv SANDBOX, but we’re glad that we beat BRO, a team that we lost to in round 1. Our practice leading up to tonight’s matchup went well, so I felt that as long as I did what I needed to do, we were going to win.”


Until their loss against LSB, Oner helped lead his team to a 3-match win streak. However, the support player for LSB, Lee “Effort” Sang-ho was able to steal the baron in a close series, which ended up becoming the deciding factor of the series. From T1’s perspective, losing in such a manner was a huge hit to their mentality.


Oner explained the aftermath of that match. “My mentality was shot during the game, but I pretended to be okay because everyone else was giving it their all until the end. However, I think losing in such a manner did affect everyone to some degree. Personally, I’m still not over it; I can’t stop thinking about Alistar. I’m getting over it though.”


With just three games left in T1’s match schedule, their next match is against Gen.G. Oner had nothing but praise for his teammates in saying, “I don’t know about the jungle, but I think our laners are better than theirs. As long as we play the way we always do, I think we’ll be able to beat them.”


He also shared his thoughts on Gen.G’s jungler, Kim “Clid” Tae-min. “He was actually someone I looked up to at one point in time. I was very impressed when I watched him carry on Lee Sin in 2019. However, I don’t have a role model like Clid anymore; I just want to be better than Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu.”


“In terms of the jungle matchup, I think he’s doing very well during the early-mid game. As long as I can shut him down during that time, I think I can win.”


“I think LSB Croco is currently the best jungler in the LCK. Whether it’s in solo queue or in scrims, he always plays his part. He’s great mechanically, and his champion pool is well suited for the current meta. I personally think he’s the best at the moment.”


Both Oner and Croco are in their first year as a pro player. When asked about whether he thinks of him as a rival, Oner replied, “While he can be my rival during this season, I think I’ll be a lot better than him next year. At the moment, I feel that I still need a bit more experience.”

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