[Guide] How to play Seer in Apex Legends

Source: Respawn Entertainment (Edit Aaron Alford)

Seer is Apex Legend's newest character who was added with the Apex Legends Season 10 patch. He is a tracking agent with intelligence-focused abilities designed to help you and your team ambush the enemy. We took a deep dive into this new agent to discover what makes him tick.



Here is our guide for how to play Seer in Apex Legends Season 10.


Overview to Seer's abilities in Apex Legends

Seer’s passive ability is called Heartbeat. It is basically a soft-heartbeat sensor that gives you hints about the direction the enemy will be, without revealing their location with any real precision. When you are looking in the direction of an enemy, your reticle will turn yellow but it won't tell you how far away the enemy is. You can see the heartbeat sensor while aiming down sites, and you can toggle it on and off if you don’t want to use it for whatever reason.


Seer’s Tactical ability is called Focus of Attention. When this ability is activated, Seer sends out a swarm of microdrones in front of him. Anyone in that directional cone, regardless of obstacles between you and the target, will be marked and revealed through walls as well as interrupted. While Bloodhound's mark highlights people through walls too, Seer’s mark lasts longer and shows you the enemy health bars which helps you make more informed decisions. 


Seer’s ultimate ability is called Exhibit, and it lets you throw down a device that creates a large spherical zone. Enemies who move around quickly in the zone will have their footsteps revealed in real time, allowing you and your team to easily locate them. Overall this ultimate is less flexible than Bloodhound's, but it can be useful if you already have a general idea of where an enemy is.


Here are some tips and tricks for Seer

Find enemies before using your abilities with Seer

The biggest difference between Seer and Bloodhound is that Seer’s abilities are relatively hard to hit in comparison to Bloodhound, since they are more limited in range and more directional. This is because Seer is designed to be an ambusher rather than just a hunter. With Seer you should locate enemies first, then use your abilities to mark them for yourself and your team before going in for the kill.


Use your heartbeat sensor while sliding to maintain speed

The fastest way to check where enemies will be using your heartbeat sensor is to holster your weapon and slide, and in the middle of the slide, tap your ADS in various directions. This will help you keep moving and avoid getting shot to death from standing still or walking slowly while trying to use your heartbeat sensor.


Use Focus of Attention to prioritize targets

Seer's tactical ability shows the health of marked targets. If you mark multiple members of an enemy team, you can use that extra information to prioritize weaker targets, allowing you to take an upper hand in the fight. This is another place where Seer and Bloodhound differ, as Bloodhounds mark doesn't show you enemy health or shields.


Combine Heartbeat and Focus of Attention to mark enemies

You can combo Heartbeat and Focus of Attention together. When you see that your reticle is yellow, that means the enemy is probably in line with your Focus of Attention attack. So you can use the Heartbeat to set up more effective scans.


Use Focus of Attention to prevent revives

A potentially underrated aspect of focus of attention is its ability to interrupt enemy actions. If you suspect that the enemy is reviving, and you know roughly where the downed player was, don't hesitate to fire your Focus of Attention over there to both mark the enemy and stop the revive from completing.

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