Chris Chan allegedly under investigation, continues to abuse mother and disgust internet


Trigger Warning: Rape, Assault, Bullying


Sonichu creator Chris Chan has been under the internet's scrutiny since leaked text messages and audio showed that the disturbing underground pop culture celebrity had raped their own 80-year-old mother. 


Chan has been a source of entertainment for trolls online for years now. Many people even claim that 4chan users are partially to blame for Chan's deterioration over the years, with online trolls allegedly convincing Chan to go forth with their actions. This includes punching their mom, Barbara, in the past. 


But things escalated to an impossibly concerning level earlier this week when Chan's friend leaked messages that showed proof of Chan raping their mother, who is suffering from dementia. This was too much for most people to handle and the texts proved too disturbing for even the most seasoned internet snoops. 


The texts showed Chan molesting their mother after Barb said no, purchasing books about having sex with the disabled, and performing oral sex on their ailing mother after telling their friend Barb was getting used to being touched by Chan. 


For many people, this seemed to be the end of the long and twisted tale of Chan. It had gone too far. 



What will happen to Chris Chan now?


The FBI was allegedly involved with Chan after they admitted to raping their own mother. During the investigation, Chan will not be allowed near Barbara. Some sources say that the restraining order will last until August 5.


But Chan, to nobody's surprise, has already broken this rule in a way that has upset online lurkers. When Chan suddenly received $750 from their mother's bank account, a friend asked Chan to explain how this had happened. 


"I have refrained from contacting her at all, and continue to do so," Chan wrote back. 


But after pressuring Chan for more information, it became clear that Chan had online control of Barb's bank account and had sent themselves the money without Barb's consent. Chan called it an "emergency," even though it appeared that they planned to use the money because they had "five hours to kill." 


Source: FireballForeskn


A lot of people have questioned if Chan's antics should continue to be shared around the internet. Giving them attention seems to only fuel them to keep doing concerning things. 


Before Chan continued to become increasingly troubled, a lot of people felt that the unstable individual was being bullied by jerks online who were taking advantage of Chan's naivety. But after allegedly burning down their own house, assaulting people, and now raping Barb, there is not much sympathy left for Chan. 


It seems that the long, twisting, disturbing history of Chan's internet antics may be coming to an end. 


For now, the internet is awaiting the results of the FBI's involvement in the rape of Barb. 

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