These are the most requested Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighters in Japan


A huge poll has shed light on the video game characters Japanese Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players are anticipating as the final DLC in Fighters Pass Volume 2. 


There's only one DLC fighter left in Smash — not only in Fighter Pass Volume 2 but FOREVER. Sakurai has made this very clear. And with only one spot left for the entirety of forever, Ultimate players are more curious than ever about who that fighter will be. 


Inside-Games conducted a poll with 2,858 responses from Japanese players. And the top choices are a blend of classic fighters and some more unique concepts that will shock some North American players. Here are the top 10. 


10. Sakurai



Masahiro Sakurai is the creator of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Instead of letting him finally rest, Japanese players want to see him fight forever within Ultimate's universe. But Sakurai isn't a video game character so this is a pretty far-fetched desire that most likely won't come true. 


One Japanese voter said that Sakurai is the "true last boss." Another said that Sakurai is simply the "most famous" rep for the game. 


9. Imposter


I would very much hate this and I pray it won't ever happen, especially now that the trend is dying off. But I have seen some very convincing movesets from Imposter fans who want the Among Us rep in Smash that have me thinking. Still, I'm good. Imposter isn't an icon. Among Us only thrived because we were trapped inside and saw Pokimane play it. Let's just pretend it all never happened. 


Japanese voters who clearly don't agree with me said it would be "interesting to attack with tasks." They also liked how popular Among Us became in pop culture thanks to fan art and videos. I'm clearly a downer. 


8. Cinderace



This Pokemon is the final evolution of the Pokemon Sword & Shield fire-type starter, Scorbunny. I loathe this Pokemon's design (just another man-shaped furry Pokemon, nothing to see here) but I would personally like a Pokemon rep in general. Still, Cinderace's athletic nature and passion for soccer would make for some interesting attacks. 


Japanese voters who picked Cinderace explained that they were essentially "addicted" to Sword & Shield. But why Cinderace? "The flame ball is cool" is an answer that sticks out. 


7. Hunter


Monster Hunter is already a Mii Fighter outfit, added in the recent patch. But this didn't stop Japanese Ultimate fans from wishing the Hunter would be the last DLC. Many called it a "shame" that the Mii costume was dropped. Fans of the game said it was popular in Japan and overseas, noting that the weapons would be pretty fun in Smash. But another swordie? 


6. Crash Bandicoot



I'm glad Crash Bandicoot made the list. Not because I want him but because the more people discuss Crash Bandicoot as a DLC the less likely Nintendo is to actually do it. This screams "nostalgia porn" to me. Just because a character is "iconic" or "from my childhood" doesn't mean they are worthy.


But Japanese players noted that Crash would be unique. They believe the moveset would be unique and even "comical." Others simply wanted to see Crash fight alongside Sonic and Mario. So again, I could be missing something here. 


5. Arle Nadja


Yeah, don't ask. My first choice for a Smash DLC would not be a five-year-old. But here we are. Arle Nadja is not a character I'm familiar with but she is originally from an RPG called Madou Monogatari. She is the main protagonist of the Puyo Puyo series (where she is 16), going on adventures as a spellcasting warrior. 


Having a spellcasting warrior would definitely be cool. I don't think I'd oppose this option but I don't find it likely since it's not really the most popular game in the world. But some Japanese fans called it "my favorite series in my whole life." 


4. Reimu Hakurei



I'm not a weeb so apologies for not knowing this character as well. This is the main protagonist of the Touhou Project series. She is a "shrine maiden" who exterminates youkai. I'm not 100% sure what this means and I don't know if I care. But I looked up her abilities and I can see why she would thrive in Smash. 


Reimu Hakurei can float. But apparently she doesn't just fly like the other inhabitants of Gensokyo. She also floats through life itself, displaying superhuman instincts and unmatched luck. While Reimu isn't super sure how she does what she does, it seems like she's quite OP. She can also manipulate auras, perform blessings, channeling gods, and put up magical barriers (including some that explode). 


3. 2B


This NieR: Automata protagonist is a pretty interesting choice. This is a character with a bit more of a following, even if it's just creeps all over the world attempting to look up her skirt. One Japanese voter's reason for picking 2B is literally the word "butt." 


But a lot of the legit reasons seem to be surrounding 2B's incredible capabilities and interesting weapons. 2B would definitely be a cool choice for the roster although I'm sick of swordies and swordie-adjacent characters. 


2. Bandana Waddle Dee



YES! YES! FINALLY! The public has spoken and they are demanding Sakurai do the right thing and put in another Kirby representative. This is what Smash needs. This is the only way that Smash will continue after no DLC remain. 


Intelligent poll participants said that Waddle Dee has "abundant skills" and is "cute." I mean, yes? Do you need any more reasons? Others said that they've been "adventuring with Kirby lately" so why not? I mean, yes? Kirby is also going to be celebrating its 30th anniversary next year. So this is HUGE. This is the most important thing to happen to Nintendo. 


1. Sora


This is not going to happen. Sorry. 


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