[LPL] V5 fines their jungler pzx for not taking the summoner spell Smite against Suning


On July 27, in an LPL match between Victory Five (V5) and Suning, V5's jungler Peng "pzx" Zhan-Xiang took Teleport instead of Smite in the first game. Pzx took Teleport in a practice game with his teammates and forgot to change it back to Smite.



Due to such a mistake, V5 ended up losing the series to Suning 2-1. V5 is currently recording 0-13, placing at the bottom of LPL's standings. If V5 won the first game, they would have taken their first win this split. V5 fined pzx one month salary and gave a warning for not checking his spell. 



In 2020, former eStar jungler Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei made the same mistake of not taking Smite. Wei accidently took Ignite instead of Smite in the first game against Bilibili Gaming, losing the series 2-1. eStar Esports made the same punishment, fining Wei one month salary.

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