xQc banned from Twitch for streaming the Olympics

Source: xQc

Update 7/28/2021:

xQc was unbanned Wednesday afternoon, after spending 4 hours 55 minutes under suspension.


Original article:

Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel was banned from Twitch on Wednesday after illegally streaming the Olympics on his channel. The streamer has 6 million followers and is considered one of the most popular streamers on the platform.



xQc watched numerous clips of the Olympics on his stream yesterday and had parts of his videos silenced over copyright claims as a result. In a tweet response to the ban, xQc confirmed that he thought the reason for the ban was a "Live-DMCA" strike and issued a rare apology for his actions.


"Sorry for everyone involved, including the viewers," the streamer said. "I'll be better/smarter next time and follow guidelines more strictly."



Twitch recently instituted a more strict policy regarding copyright claims, whereby streamers with three or more copyright strikes can have their accounts terminated entirely by Twitch. If this is a copyright strike-related ban, as xQc has claimed, it would be wise for xQc to be more careful going forward considering the new policy. 


xQc is no stranger to the ban hammer. He has been banned four times in the past for a variety of terms of service violations ranging from stream sniping to showing inappropriate content on his streams. It is unclear how long the latest ban will last.




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