Best TFT comps for Set 5.5 (Patch 11.15) Dawn of Heroes

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With TFT Set 5.5 and Patch 11.15 now live, it’s time for players to get back to completing their placement matches and grinding up the leaderboard. While the mid-set update was relatively light on champion and trait changes (compared to previous sets), TFT Set 5.5 has still thrown a massive wrench into the meta.


Comps that worked before may be more (or less) powerful now. New champions and splash traits may throw a new wrinkle into how to optimize those comps. The new mechanics like the Radiant Items may increase or decrease a certain champion’s power. And, of course, there are all new carries and comps that can rise up to usurp those champions that existed before. 


As a result, this tier list will be taking Patch 11.15 as a complete reset to the TFT meta. In going through the top, new, and rising comps of the patch, it will treat each as if it was brand new to Teamfight Tactics. Because, in a way, it is.

Best TFT comps for Set 5.5 (Patch 11.15)

  1. Revenant/Mystic (Tier S)
  2. Revenant/Invoker (Tier S)
  3. Abomb/Revenant (Tier S)
  4. Revenant/Assassin (Tier A)
  5. Revenant/Ranger — Akshan variant (Tier A)
  6. Revenant/Ranger — Aphelios variant (Tier B)
  7. Dawnbringer/Invoker (Tier B)
  8. Forgotten/Ironclad (Tier B)
  9. Abomb/Spellweaver (Tier B)
  10. Helion/Ironclad (Tier B)



It’s wild that the best new “carry” out of the box from Set 5.5 was not Lucian or Akshan, but instead Fiddlesticks. With three incredibly strong traits — Revenant, Mystic, and Abomination — Fiddle not only slots into almost any comp but he can do an insane amount of damage with his ability. In this comp, Fiddlesticks isn’t the main damage dealer, but he and the other Abominations/Revenants can form a massive frontline to protect whatever backline carry you want to put in here. Vel’Koz, Teemo, Heimerdinger all work and should be able to get off several rotations of abilities unless you run into an Assassin comp.


The old “high value” comp from Set 5 is back, but with a slightly different wrinkle to it. With Hellions only needing two units on the board to get the buff, Teemo just needs a pairing with his pal Lulu to get that respawn (even though he’ll be shooting much slower). Paired with new Mystics Gwen and Fiddlesticks, along with Revenants Ivern and Volibear, there aren’t many ways for the enemy to get to your big carries. And, with Hellion emblems now being much easier to get (Spatula and a Recurve Bow), you can always swap out Garen for something like a Tristana and give new life to your Heimerdinger, Gwen, or Fiddle as a Hellion.



Also known as the Nocturne or “Blender” comp, this is another staple of Set 5 that comes back with some minor tweaks. In this case, with the loss of Shadow items, Nocturne doesn’t have that trust Shadow Zeke’s Herald to get his attack speed massively boosted. Instead, he’ll need help from a fellow Assassin (Kha’Zix or Diana would work). Just like in the Abomination/Mystic example, however, Fiddlesticks is again serving as a carry. If you’re not able to get the Assassin emblem for Fiddle (Spatula + Brawler’s Glove) just feel free to drop either Pyke or Kha’Zix in favor of Gwen for two Mystics and four Assassins, rather than six Assassins as is optimal.



The last of the new, top-tier comps, this will work with either Akshan or Aphelios as the main carry. With Revenants as a front line and Mystics to negate some magic damage, both your carries should be safe. The best part about this comp is that you can stack items on either Akshan or on Aphelios, depending on which items (attack speed or attack damage) you hit more often.



Finally, for a comp that doesn’t require Revenants or the two strongest Mystics (Gwen/Fiddlesticks), the Dawnbringer Karma comp is back in Set 5.5 to help carry players. Of course, the best option is still to sprinkle in some Revenants (like Volibear or Fiddlesticks), but it’s also fine to go with a second Knight to bolster Garen (Nautilus or Thresh work). As far as AP-based comps go, this is still one of the standard best comps, but be wary that it will often be contested.

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