New Legends of Runeterra region, Bandle City, coming in August with new expansion

 Legends of Runeterra: Where an RPG meets card game. Images via Riot Games


Fresh off their Rise of the Sentinels in-game event, the Legends of Runeterra team is ready to announce what players can expect in the near future.


On Tuesday morning, members of the game's development team released a video showing off a brand new PvE lab coming on Wednesday and the final region arriving in the title at the end of the year.


New LoR PvE lab: The Saltwater Scourge

Titled The Saltwater Scourge, the upcoming PvE lab looks to expand on the wildly popular Legend of Legends game mode that has provided players with unique ways to play and ever-changing rules.


According to the development team, what differentiates The Saltwater Scourage from the existing Lab of Legends (which will not be replaced once the update goes live) is that players will embark on an RPG-style power progression featuring unique challenges and selectable paths. Players will be able to choose from Twisted Fate, Miss Fortune and Tahm Kench as they navigate through Bilgewater where treasures, bosses, and shops await across the map, leading up to a final encounter with Gangplank.


Unlike the original Lab of Legends, players can accrue EXP and gold from defeating encounters, adding an element of progression to the game mode.


Yordles are


Beyond the Bandlewood (new LoR expansion) and Bandle City (new LoR region)

If new content is good then newer content is better, right? Andrew Yip, the Game Director on the team, unveiled the upcoming card set that players can get their hands on this fall. Called Beyond the Bandlewood, the game will take a trip to the Bandle City where tricks, spells, and Yordles run rampant. Confirmed as the final region coming to the CCG title, players will be greeted by a myriad of new champions, mechanics, and cards. What's unique about the Beyond the Bandlewood card set is that the game's development team added a fourth expansion to provide players with more PvE content "unlike anything LoR has done before," according to the announcement.


Despite the final region being announced, the development team emphasized that future champions who come from regions not currently in the game (Ex. The Void) will be placed into an existing locale that makes the most sense for their lore.

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