"I wish I could take it back": xQc apologizes for gambling streams

Source: xQc

Félix "xQc" Lengyel issued a new apology for gambling on stream Thursday, saying he wishes he "could take it back."


The streamer, who no longer does gambling streams, went on to request that his audience and critics respect the nuanced differences between his particular gambling streams, and some of the more scummy practices common among other gambling streamers who have been under fire lately.


"What more can I do? You shouldn't gamble on stream, we have now this, I have said this, don't do it," xQc expressed on stream on Thursday. "I am sorry for doing it. I am genuinely sorry I gambled on stream, I wish I could take it back, I can't. . . all I am trying to do now, at least, for the people who will be called out next, that I am not lumped with the things they do that I didn't do. . . can you guys at least give me the benefit of not looking like the other cucklords."


The new apology is not the first time xQc has apologized for gambling, but it comes after a dramatic week for xQc's reputation surrounding gambling. Throughout the past several days, an embattled xQc placed himself in the center of the ongoing debate about gambling and streaming that was reinvigorated this week after the H3TV podcast stirred the drama pot.


Although he already quit gambling on stream and has openly agreed it's a bad thing to do in the past months, xQc has still been defensive of many claims made by critics of gambling streamers. He called out H3 after they confronted Adin Ross about his gambling streams, for what he claimed to be misinformation. That callout led to H3 inviting xQc on the H3TV podcast earlier this week, along with Trainwreck, to engage in a nearly 3-hour long debate about gambling streams.



During that debate, xQc played both sides of the argument, alternating between admitting and agreeing that gambling is dangerous, a vice, and that people shouldn't do it, and defending Trainwreck and what he saw as the more legitimate gambling streamers. xQc's primary demand was that people understand that there are layers to the immorality in gambling streams, and some are less bad than others.


During that discussion, xQc explained that he quit gambling because it started to make him feel weird, like anything less than a huge number "fell flat". Other streamers have come forward to discuss their experiences with gambling addiction as well, including MIzkif. Trainwrecks also admitted to being hopelessly addicted to gambling, but he continues to refuse to quit or admit he is doing anything wrong by taking gambling sponsorships from companies like Stake.


Trainwrecks even accused H3 and other gambling critics of publishing disinformation, though he didn't specify which claims he was referring to.



The discourse surrounding gambling has ranged from discussing the dangers of promoting gambling to kids, to discussing the merits of sponsored gambling streams on Twitch overall, and everything in between.


As xQc argued, the issue is complicated, as there are many layers of danger ranging from which site people use, where they gamble from, who their audience is, and whether or not they are using sponsorship money to gamble. While we can all agree gambling is a vice, people draw their moral line in different places.


One consensus in the community has been reached after hours of debates that include huge names like xQc, Trainwrecks, Pokimane, Hasan, H3H3, Adin Ross, Coffeezilla, SomeOrdinaryGamer, and many others. Everyone, at this point, agrees that gambling is bad and dangerous. xQc's statement on Thursday is a simple request that people approach their critique of the various levels of gambling streamers with more nuance.

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