Evil Geniuses promotes Tomio to EG Academy, Contractz to LCS in preparation for post-season

Source: Oshin Tudayan/Riot Games via ESPAT


With the post-season only two weeks away, Evil Geniuses has made some adjustments to its League of Legends program. Evil Geniuses Academy jungler Juan "Contractz" Garcia has been promoted to the organization's League of Legends Championship Series roster as its sixth man alongside starting jungler Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen. EG Prodigies jungler Tomio "Tomio" Chan has been promoted to EG Academy in place of Contractz. 



Contractz has started in the LCS twice this summer for Evil Geniuses in place of Svenskeren against TSM and Immortals, winning both games as the pivotal member of the team's success. Because of his different playstyle and LCS experience, Contractz gives EG and extra weapon on its roster.


Including Contractz's two wins in the LCS Summer Split, EG is 11-1 in its last 12 games and its summer win percentage is second only to 1st place 100 Thieves. It is likely than as the 2021 LCS Championship looms closer, Contractz will spend less and less time with EG Academy while Tomio spends more and more time in his place.


Contractz's jungle platoon with Svenskeren only increases in value in the post-season format with best-of-five series from a strategical standpoint, and getting him extra time with the squad before the end of the Summer Split, especially with EG already qualified for the LCS Championship, is a low-risk, high-reward move by EG. Furthermore, Tomio will continue to develop under the organization, which has already been shown to be successful with rookie LCS AD carry Kyle "Danny" Sakamaki. 


Whether these changes are being made permanently or merely for the post-season have yet to be confirmed by Evil Geniuses, but if Contractz was to remain on the LCS roster, that would, unless otherwise specificed, solidify Tomio's position as starting jungler for EG Academy, which would require the organizationto find a new jungler to compete in the North American amateur scene with EG Prodigies. 

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