FaZe Sway permanently loses Fortnite creator code for TOS violations

Source: FaZe Sway 

FaZe Sway, a Fortnite player for FaZe Clan, announced on Wednesday that Epic has permanently disabled his creator code "YoSway" over "violations of the Terms and Service [Sway] agreed to when joining the program."



FaZe Sway officially claimed that he was banned for account sharing, which is when a skilled player plays on the behalf of another player. Sway was adamant that this was the sole reason for his ban on Twitter, saying "don't believe anything else."


"I think the reason my code got taken was because I was hopping on viewers accounts," Sway explained on a stream Wednesday. "I remember they sent me an email, and the first thing that popped up was account sharing. You don't get your code taken away for Tweets."

However, many are still arguing that the ban could have been related to some of Sway's recent inappropriate Tweets.


A number of Twitter users clipped some now-deleted Tweets that Sway had sent, including one in which Sway made some very sexually graphic statements about Space Jam 2, a movie that features Lebron James who recently got his own Fortnite skin. Many speculate this could have prompted action from Epic Games.


Epic has shown a pattern of revoking Fortnite creator codes for creators who tweet controversial things. Clix had his creator code suspended in May, after tweeting about a NSFW situation. Clix took that situation as a wake-up call to be more mature and appropriate on public social media platforms.



Regardless of the specific reason why Sway lost his creator code, it is a big deal to see such a huge name stripped from Epic's monetization program. If you are a streamer or content creator with a creator code, be aware that Epic is watching and is willing to take action if you break their terms of service, in-game or online.

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