Is Masahiro Sakurai going to retire after final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC?


The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community has been discussing Masahiro Sakurai's retirement for quite some time. 


A long-running joke in the Smash community has been how exhausted Sakurai is, mostly thanks to the players' never-ending demands and inability to be satisfied with any content they are given. But even though it's a meme, Sakurai truly has been working nonstop on Smash and other Nintendo titles since 1989. 


That's when Sakurai started working at HAL Laboratory. He started with Kirby's Dream Land, introducing his first-born son Kirby to the world. He then started on the original Super Smash Bros after completing more Kirby titles. That's when his personal hell began, working around the clock to create content for players that just wanted MORE MORE MORE. 


So will Sakurai finally retire after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is complete?


But Sakurai clarified on Twitter earlier this year that he is not leaving the gaming industry entirely, therefore dispelling rumors that he's retiring after the final DLC for Ultimate.


Sakurai never clarified which games he would be working on after the final DLC is announced for Smash. But most Smash players will tell you that: 


  • There will be more Smash players
  • There will be more content and balances
  • Sakurai will be a part of these things


Sakurai has been working on the concept for Smash since 1989. That's over 30 years of his life. And Smash players want more! While some have noted how tired and gaunt Sakurai looks during his Nintendo presentations, others feel he hasn't done enough quite yet. 


I mean, what about my favorite random third-party character from childhood? Why aren't they in Smash? 


My personal wish before Sakurai retires from Smash is that he buffs Kirby into S-tier, throwing off everything entirely. This would be a great way to solidify his legacy. 


Smash has been a long road full of innovation and creativity. Sakurai discussed the pushback he received for the series while creating Brawl. Apparently, the original Super Smash Bros. was a tricky sell when Sakurai suggested the roster be full of recognizable Nintendo characters. 


"Nowadays, we take it for granted, but at the time, people had reservations about mobilizing an all-star cast of characters," said Satoru Iwata, co-creator of Smash. 


Even though Ultimate is now the third-best-selling game on the Nintendo Switch, it was a long road for Sakurai and his team. It's been a challenging journey. And it's no surprise that Sakurai doesn't want to implement a third Fighter Pass. 


It's no wonder he wants to retire from Smash. 


So let him! You never know what exciting new game Sakurai has in the works. 

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