Top 5 things to know before you play TFT Set 5.5 Dawn of Heroes


Patch 11.15 will introduce Teamfight Tactics mid-set update, which shakes up the current roster of champions, adds new gameplay mechanics, and changes how players approach the game. Named “The Dawn of Heroes,” Set 5.5 will see 12 new champions enter Teamfight Tactics (replacing 12 champions from Set 5), along with two new major traits (replacing three major traits leaving from Set 5). Among those new champions will be League of Legends’ newest addition, Akshan.


With all these massive changes to TFT’s roster, huge item and core mechanic changes, and overall balance changes, knowing where to start on day one of Set 5.5 can be daunting. Here are five key things to remember once Set 5.5 goes live.


1. Shadow Items are gone

It was fun while it lasted, but Shadow Items are leaving once Set 5.5 drops. This will have massive impacts on existing TFT builds, as certain comps and champions were based around Shadow Items. For instance, Nocturne becomes far weaker with the removal of Zeke’s Bleak Herald.


In their place, however, come Radiant Items. Radiant Items will be available to all players at a particular Armory. There are no Radiant Item components and players will only get one Radiant Item per game, to choose from the Armory. As a result, choosing the correct Radiant Item can often decide the outcome of a game.

2. Radiant Items are (deliberately) OP

Unlike Shadow Items, which grant the holder some bonus that comes with a cost, Radiant Items are just more powerful versions of their vanilla alternatives. For instance, not only does a Radiant Blue Buff grant mana regen, it also gives the holder a bit of extra ability power. The Glamorous Jeweled Gauntlet gives the holder 80% critical strike damage on top of letting the holder’s abilities critically strike. Radiant Banshee’s Veil grants a spell-blocking shield to all allies on the board. The list goes on and on. 


Radiant Items are overpowered, and they’re designed that way. As a result, more than any other item in TFT’s history, choosing the correct one will win or lose you the game. Because these are so powerful, players should almost always try to pick the one that will best fit their primary carry, even if they already have a vanilla version of the item. The items will not be available until a later-game Armory (usually in Stage 3 or 4), so you should have a good idea of the comp you will be running and choose the best of the Armory items possible.

3. New mechanic: Divine Blessing is a huge comeback opportunity

The newest big mechanic coming in Set 5.5 to TFT is the addition of the “Divine Blessing.” The Divine Blessing functions very similar to the Lucky Lanterns in Set 4.5, as it will drop an orb filled with valuable loot, including gold, consumables, champions, and item components. Unlike Lucky Lanterns, though, the Divine Blessings drop at a specific point in the game, when a player drops below 40 health. Each Divine Blessing in the game will have equivalent value, but they may not drop the same item, champion, or consumable.


Getting this huge injection of gold, items, and consumables provides players a last chance to mount a comeback. If you were flagging behind early game, you can use this Divine Blessing as a last chance to roll or level and mount a drive to make top four. Obviously, though, staving off this Divine Blessing is more valuable because getting a Neeko’s Help late game is a lot more valuable and can help you win out a battle for first.


4. The best TFT comps still work

Unlike previous sets, the changes to the champion roster and the traits are not so massive that they completely revamp the meta. Gone are the Dragonslayers and Covens, yes, as are some key late-game carries, but most of the strongest comps you’ve been playing throughout Set 5.


The best TFT comps for Patch 11.14


Skirmisher Jax, Forgotten Draven (without Shadow Items, Forgotten champions gain that stacking damage each time they participate in a victorious battle), Redeemed Vel’Koz, Nightbringer Yasuo, these are all comps that are, more or less, the same in Set 5.5 so don’t worry too much about the newest traits. Cannoneer and Sentinel do have a new, very powerful combination (built around Lucian) but otherwise they don’t preclude you from playing your favorite Set 5 comp (unless you loved Coven Leblanc).


5. Games are much slower

This largely has to do with the injection of more gold and items into the game via the Divine Blessing, but falling behind early isn’t nearly as punishing as it was in previous sets. Comps that take a while to scale up like Hellions and Draconic will get more time to hit that scaling point. 


This also means that hyper-rolling 1 and 2 cost units is even weaker than it was during Set 5 (and it was fairly weak then as well). Make sure to prioritize leveling and getting those strong 4 and 5 cost units (Lucian, Karma, Heimerdinger, Kayle, Teemo, Draven, etc.) as early as you can.

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