[Opinion] These are the worst Overwatch Summer Games skins yet

The Overwatch Summer Games 2021 event is dropping tomorrow and the skins are ugly as hell. 


Let me clarify that I've never liked the Summer Games skins. I get that they are supposed to be sports-related or show the heroes in more "laid back" scenarios. But oftentimes I feel they completely disregard the personality traits and lore of a hero and just focus on fulfilling "what would be a fun skin" only. 


For example, Widowmaker's Summer Games 2017 skin. Would this sultry, sexy secret agent really wear a wrap that covers her butt? Would she really pick light-colored sunglasses? Also, the skin is just ugly and lazy to look at. 


This year's Summer Games skins are just as meh. I'm mostly talking about the Mei one. 


Summer Games 2021: Mei Legendary skin


Here are the reasons I dislike this skin: 


  • The blonde hair and the atrocious, stiff hairstyle
  • The glasses and lipstick
  • The gross kiosk-in-the-mall tacky tween leggings
  • The fugly bows on her shoes


Here are some slightly redeeming things:


  • Snowball looks like a cute ice cream cone
  • The coin dispenser belt


This skin is clearly supposed to be some look back at retro diners and ice cream stands. It's a cool concept but it was not executed in a way that is tolerable or appealing. The Overwatch developers clearly love changing Mei's hair, whether it's the controversial MMA braids or this Karen-esque hairstyle. 


And it never works. 


Let's just allow Mei to look like herself each time. At least. If she has to wear this awful outfit, fine... But let's at least make sure it looks like Mei wearing this awful outfit. 



Summer Games 2021: Ashe Legendary skin


Speaking of "not looking like themselves," what proof do we have in Ashe's character or lore that she'd wear this highly revealing and bland bathing suit? The most skin she's ever shown is her legs in her Legendary Little Red skin. So why is she suddenly dressed like this? 


I'm sure it will just be argued that it's meant to be fun and carefree! It's just a cool summer skin that's silly and sexy! That's fine but can't the skins reflect her character at all? Would Ashe really wear this granny sunhat? 


And how lazy is B.O.B.'s shirt? SUMMER! Is that really the best the Overwatch developers could come up with? Is Overwatch 2 taking up so much time and energy that the best shirt they can make is one that says "summer" with some half-assed palm trees? It's not like they gave us a limited-time game mode or any content. They gave us some lazy, thoughtless bikini skin and can't even be bothered to make a shirt more related to Ashe's lore or personality? Would she really put this crappy Hollywood Boulevard tourist-type shirt on B.O.B.? 


The positives: 


  • Those pecs though



Summer Games 2021: Symmetra Legendary skin


Honestly, I have nothing to say about this skin. Nothing at all. I feel I've seen this before. Maybe another hero has an almost identically styled skin. Or maybe it's another World of Warcraft crossover. Some recycled concept. 


There's nothing wrong with this skin. 


But there's also nothing I can care about. I also find it hard to believe that someone as concerned with "order" and "technology" would want to dive into the water with no legs. But whatever. It's summer. It's fun. It's sexy (it really is). 



More skins are coming soon. But do you care? I sort of do? But will it be enough to turn on Overwatch? Eh. I don't know? The developers are clearly just waiting for Overwatch 2 so maybe we should as well. 


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