[UPDATED 8/1] Every team qualified for the 2021 LEC Summer Playoffs


UPDATE 8/1: Team Vitality has qualified for the post-season and will round out the six-team bracket that makes up the 2021 League of Legends European Championship Summer Playoffs. Vitality needed to defeat first place Rogue and Astralis to avoid elimination, and then, needed G2 Esports to beat Excel Esports should XL stay in step with VIT throughout the final weekend of the split. 


Fortunately for VIT, all conditions were satisfied. It look until the final game of the split, but G2's win over XL eliminated it after Team Vitality eliminated Astralis itself.




UPDATE 7/24: On the second day of week 7 of the 2021 LEC Summer Split, G2 Esports became the fifth team to qualify for the post-season. G2 Esports will join MAD Lions, Misfits, Rogue and Fnatic in the 2021 LEC Summer Playoffs, with one seed remaining. 



G2's win against Misfits brought its record to 9-6, one game behind the three-way tie for 2nd place between MSF, MAD and FNC and two games behind 1st place Rogue. G2's worst case scenario would be to lose all three games in the final week of the Summer Split and finish 9-9, but there is simply no scenario where the team wouldn't at least be sixth place.


Astralis can finish 9-9 if it wins its last three games, but G2 possesses a 2-0 head-to-head in the matchup. Excel Esports defeated G2 Esports in their last meeting, and if it can beat G2 and its two other opponents, XL would qualify for the post-season as the fifth seed. G2 would immediately be sixth in this case because the only way XL can go undefeated is if they defeat both G2 and Astralis. As a result, G2's worst-case scenario is sixth place with XL fifth, which is still a playoff position.



UPDATE 7/23: On day 1 of week 7 of the 2021 LEC Summer Split, the amount of teams qualified for the LEC Summer Playoffs doubled. With respective wins over Team Vitality and Astralis, Misfits and MAD Lions joined Fnatic and Rogue in qualifying for the post-season. 


Original story:


Week 6 of the 2021 League of Legends European Championship has concluded with two teams qualifying for the LEC Summer Playoffs. Fnatic and Rogue are tied for 1st place with records of 10-3 with five games to play, which mathematically ensures both teams will be competing in the post-season next month. 



While the 2021 League of Legends Championship Series has changed the post-season qualifications and routes to the World Championship for North American teams, the LEC post-season remains the same as the previous year. The top six teams from the Summer Split will qualify for the LEC Summer Playoffs, with the top three teams representing Europe at Worlds 2021. 


Through six weeks of LEC Summer Split competition, Astralis and Team Vitality are currently tied for 6th place with records of 5-8. Fnatic's triumph G2 Esports at the end of week 6 secured the 10th win for the orange and black, which means Fnatic can, at worst, finish with a record of 10-8.


With five games to play, the final match being against one another, only one of Astralis and Team Vitality can finish 10-8 at best. Because both teams possess an 0-2 head-to-head record against Fnatic this summer, any tied records would lean in favor of Fnatic.


Similarly, Rogue secured its 10th win today against Astralis, which brings the head-to-head record to 2-0 in favor of RGE. If Team Vitality was able to go 5-0 to end the summer split, which would include wins of Rogue and Astralis, and Rogue was to go 0-5, RGE and VIT would be tied with a record of 10-8 and a head-to-head of 1-1. In this scenario, Astralis would miss the post-season and Rogue and Vitality would both qualify and most likely play a tiebreaker for seeding in the Summer Playoffs.



All images by: Michal Konkol for Riot Games

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