xQc reveals that armed home invasion spurred his move back to Canada

Source: xQc

Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel revealed on Wednesday that one of the big reasons he chose to move back to Canada was that an armed intruder broke into his house with a crowbar and was "looking for him."




"Some person went to my old house and broke into it with like a crowbar," Felix revealed on a stream. "Apparently he was looking for me. So at that point, it was kind of like 'that's pretty crazy.' Then I went to Sodapoppin's house, and weird sh*t was happening at his house too. I felt like it was unfair for everyone around me, that I was putting them in danger or whatever."


The bombshell reveal added more context to why the streamer suddenly moved back to Canada last month. In late June, he revealed that part of the reason he moved was because of constant police raids that were presumably related to swatting. At that time, he implied that something else had happened, but he didn't specify what. We now know that xQc was being stalked by an armed person.


"Apparently he broke into the house, and he was asking for me, yelling that I owe him something or whatever," Felix clarified on Wednesday. "I checked all my DMs or whatever, there was nothing, I don't really understand it. . . to be honest, at this point I might just sell the house."


The issue of Twitch stalkers has been a rising problem over the past few years. YouTuber Steven 'Boogie2988' Williams was recently charged with aggravated assault, after he fired a warning shot at a stalker who showed up to the YouTuber's house in real life to confront him over an argument they had on stream. Countless other internet influencers like Philip DeFranco, Jake Paul, Dr. Disrespect, and many others have experienced similar invasions of their privacy.


It should go without saying that just because someone is an internet celebrity, doesn't mean you are entitled to their attention. Showing up at their place of residence, regardless of your intentions, is a violation of their privacy and security and should never be normalized.



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