[Guide] Best FAL gun setup after Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update

Source: Activision

The FAL has never been at the top of the AR meta in Warzone, but that might be changing in the near future. While a wide variety of Assault Rifles received nerfs in the new season 4 reloaded patch, the FAL remained the same. So while it wasn't directly buffed, it is more competitive since most weapons saw an increase to their time to kill, while the FAL is still sitting at just over a half a second at all ranges.


With the FAL's power level on the rise, we put together the best FAL loadout to take advantage of its new favorable position in the Warzone Season 4 meta.


Best weapon attachments for the FAL in Warzone

This weapon setup is designed to maximize the FALs effectiveness at long range, where it excels. The FAL is best paired with an SMG of some description since it isn't going to do well in CQB encounters, so keep that in mind.


  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • XRK Marksman barrel
  • 3x or 4x optic
  • 30 Round Extended Mags
  • Ranger Foregrip

Monolithic Suppressor

At this point, most Warzone players know the drill. Suppressors are good for keeping you alive since they keep you stealthy and quiet while on the battlefield. A suppressor will also provide a reduction in visual clutter while shooting, which is helpful for a long-range beamer like the FAL.


XRK Marksman Barrel 

The XRK Marksman Barrel is the perfect companion to this long-range loadout, since it increases the bullet velocity and range for the FAL. With this equipped the FAL features a very tight and consistent bullet spread which makes it a much easier weapon to acquire kills with at medium and long distances.


3x or 4x optic

There are a decent number of ranged optics to select from, so feel free to take your pick. You are definitely going to want a zoomed optic for this loadout, to make it easier to spot and track targets, but which one you use is ultimately up to your own personal preference.


30 Round Extended Mags

By default, the FAL has a very limited magazine size. It does make up for that limitation by hitting harder than most weapons, but the extended magazine is still highly desirable. With 30 rounds, it is easier to take out an opponent at long range or take on multiple opponents without having to reload.


Ranger Foregrip

Finishing off this Warzone FAL loadout, we have the Ranger Foregrip. This Foregrip will improve your recoil control and your aiming stability. This drastically improves your changes in long-range combat, so it is a logical addition to this long-range gun setup. Alternatively, you could run something like the Operator or the Merc Foregrip, both of which will also reduce your overall recoil.

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