Overwatch League community repulsed by explicit fan sign shown in broadcast

Source: Blizzard


Overwatch League fans have been happy about the return of in-person audiences at matches. It allows for the original hometown pride and spirit the Overwatch League franchise originally hoped for, with fans sporting jerseys and making creative signs. 


But one sign has been getting a lot of attention in the Overwatch League community. During a match between Seoul Dynasty and Chengdu Hunters, a fan proudly held up a sign that showed a panda aggressively boning a tiger. The tiger didn't seem to be enjoying it. 



The sign immediately caught the attention of fans. Some found it creative and hilarious. But a lot of the attention has been negative, with fans from Asia finding a lot of issues with the poster being shown on a livestream. 


For a lot of Overwatch League fans, the poster seemed inappropriate, especially when considering that any age fan could be watching the match. Others felt it even promoted rape culture since the tiger probably didn't consent to the sexual act depicted in the poster. 




But the complaints weren't directed at the fan who drew the lewd poster. Most were calling on Blizzard to comment on the situation. 


"Please address, Overwatch League. This is disgusting," one tweet read, tagging the official Twitter account. 


"As a female fan of the league, it is so outrageous and unacceptable that [this disgusting material] has been broadcast around the world. We want an apology and feedback from the Overwatch League," another tweet said. 


But so far, the Overwatch League team at Blizzard hasn't made any statements regarding the controversial artwork. 


In the past, Blizzard banned the "OK" symbol, once a dank gamer meme turned alleged white supremacist symbol. So Blizzard has been open to censoring fans attending matches in the past. In the future, the content of people's posters may be checked out a bit closer before fans are allowed to bring them into the arena. 

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