[LCK Today] T1 sweeps Gen.G 2-0 with sub adc Gumayusi; AF defeats LSB 2-1 and starts round 2 with a victory

T1’s bot laner, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong was subbed in for the usual starting bot laner, Park “Teddy” Jin-seong on day 22 of the 2021 LCK Summer split. In the first match of the day, T1 defeated Gen.G in the first match of the day. The following match saw Afreeca Freecs defeat Liiv SANDBOX 2-1 after a very back and forth bout on the Summoner’s Rift.


In game 1 of T1 vs Gen.G, Kim “Canna” Chang-dong pulled off a successful dive alongside Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok’s Twisted Fate. As T1 focused around the top side of the map, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong’s Ziggs was able to hold down the bot lane by himself. With the Rift Herald secured by T1, they managed to take game 1 and lead the series 1-0.


Game 2 was a cleaner game from T1. Both teams’ compositions were similar to game 1, and went the same way for T1 as game 1. Once again, Faker’s Renekton got his top lane ahead, and the poke was too much for Gen.G to handle. The snowball was too much for Gen.G to handle, and with it, T1 was able to take the victory home and end round 1 with a victory.

Game 2 marked the start of round 2.


In game 1, Afreeca Freecs was able to dominate Liiv SANDBOX with a heavy engage composition. Through proactivity around the map, Afreeca Freecs was able to get advantages after advantages, which resulted in slow tower sieges and eventually, the victory. However, in a similar fashion, Liiv SANDBOX managed to take game 2, tying up the series 1-1.


The turning point for game 2 was when Liiv SANDBOX killed Lee “Dread” Jin-hyeok’s Rumble and took the Rift Herald. From that point on, LSB had full control of the game; from dragon stacks to teamfights, they refused to lose the series.


Game 3 was a very back and forth bout between the two teams. AF managed to get an early lead through a contest for Rift Herald, but LSB held on through creating variant plays. It all started with Yoo “FATE” Su-hyeok’s Leblanc. He was able to assassinate Han “Leo” Gyeo-rye’s Kai’Sa, winning the bot lane skirmish. It led to another huge teamfight victory for LSB, pushing back AF and taking the lead.


However, Dread’s Gwen managed to steal Baron Nashor, seemingly evening out the game. AF then took the Elder dragon, thus taking the momentum back for themselves. Through Viego and Gwen, AF won the teamfights that ensued, eventually securing the victory after 49 minutes.

2021 LCK Summer split day 22 results


T1 2 - 0 Gen.G

Liiv SANDBOX 0 - 2 Afreeca Freecs


2021 LCK Summer split standings


1st Gen.G 7-2 (+5)

2nd DWG KIA 6-3 (+6)

3rd NS RedForce 6-3 (+4)

4th Afreeca Freecs 6-4 (+2)

5th T1 5-4 (+3)

6th Liiv SANDBOX 5-5 (0)

7th Hanwha Life Esports 4-5 (-4)

8th kt Rolster 3-6 (0)

9th Fredit BRION 3-6 (-3)

10th DRX 1-8 (-12)

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