Yes, a Super Smash Bros anime really does exist


The popularity of the Super Smash Bros game series is already widely known, but did you know there is an anime loosely based around your favorite Nintendo platform fighting game? Titled Bottom Tier Tomozaki-Kun, and made this year, the series is now complete and ready for you to binge-watch online, should that be your cup of animated tea if you love Melee.


The series isn’t precisely about Smash Bros, but follows the plight of a Melee player and was very much inspired by the game series, as the creator of the anime confirmed on Twitter. With the Smash scene awash with anime fans and the like there is sure to be a significant crossover audience, which is something the creator was probably aware of.

For those who think Smash is a strange thing to base an anime around, or at least a character’s plot in an anime, it’s worth noting the medium has already thrown up series based on topics like the plight of two blood cells, Jesus hanging out with Buddha, and anthropomorphic soda cans. So, making something loosely based around the biggest fighting game of all time isn’t that strange.


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The series isn’t officially about Melee, of course, with Nintendo famously not that keen on other creators getting liberal with their intellectual property, and instead focuses on protagonist Fumiya Tomozaki, Japan's best player in “Attack Families”, commonly known as “Tackfam”. The description says of Tomozaki that ‘Despite holding such a revered title, a lack of social skills and amiability causes him to fall short in his everyday high school life.’


While that may hit close to home for some gamers, it equally does show a degree of familiarity with his subject matter from the creator that isn’t always present in media around video gaming. You’ll have to watch the series yourself to find out if it all works out in the end for the elite Melee, sorry, Tackfam player, and you can find the entire thing linked here if you so desire.

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