Super Smash Bros. Ultimate players debate if Kazuya already needs a nerf

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After only a night in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, fans are already demanding that Kazuya be nerfed. 


Kazuya is the newest DLC fighter in Smash. When he was first announced, the Smash community was underwhelmed. Nobody had really been asking for Kazuya but they were open to seeing what he was like. 


When the Kazuya presentation aired, Smash players warmed up to the Tekken fighter a bit more. He looked pretty unique compared to the other classic fighters in Smash (Terry, Ryu, etc.) and his extensive move list was an interesting challenge. Players couldn't wait to get their hands on Kazuya and start attempting to master this complex character. 


But now it seems like Sakurai's fears of somehow making Tekken work in Smash are coming to light. Kazuya might be just a bit too OP thanks to his huge list of attacks and their ability to form a variety of true combos that put Kazuya far ahead of his opponents. 


Should Kazuya be nerfed? 


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate already has combos. That's nothing new. Many fighters have crazy strings or true combos that have big payoffs. But it seems like Kazuya might have a bit too many combos that do a bit too much damage for some Smash players. 


The 10-hit combo is something Kazuya already has built-in. But many players are discovering other combos that are a lot deadlier and some that might even be game-breaking. 


Check out this combo that gets an opponent to 97% almost instantly. It starts with a few aerial moves and ends with the 10-hit combo, getting the other player to almost 100% in a matter of seconds. While the opponent can DI out of this combo, it's still a pretty easy combo to hit for the amount of damage it does. 



And that's just the beginning. It gets crazier. Kazuya apparently has a zero-to-death combo that works on floaty mid-weight fighters. While it definitely takes some skill to pull off, anyone who practices Kazuya will eventually be able to nail this crazy combo. 


According to Meta of Smash, the combo is as follows: 


  • Rising nair
  • Double jump
  • Rising fair
  • Electric Wind God Fist
  • Back dash
  • F-Smash


It's basically another combo that takes advantage of Kazuya's aerial attacks. And it ends with Kazuya's special move, EWGF, which has a major hit stun. It will take a bit of getting used to for some Smash players, but for fans of classic fighting games this is a deadly attack that will leave opponents rage quitting. 



Oh, and if those aren't frustrating enough, Kazuya also has an infinite combo. So even if you previously felt the other combos were too difficult to master and wouldn't happen too often, this one takes no skill whatsoever. 


Luckily, Smash players have pointed out that this is not a true combo. If the opponent presses a direction during the stun they can get out of it. But it's still a very extreme combo that can wreak havoc on the game if opponents are still unaware of Kazuya's powers. 



For now, Kazuya most likely doesn't need to be nerfed. Many of these combos are avoidable once players are more knowledgeable of Kazuya's attacks and capabilities. But it does bring up some concerns with Kazuya's extensive move list and all of the possible combos and deadly strings that can come of it. The Tekken fighter's playstyle is a bit different and will take some getting used to. 


Players will have to mess around with Kazuya a bit more before a nerf is actually considered. 

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