SKT T1 Faker-Bang: "I counted on Blank to save the day."

In March 29th (KST), SK Telecom T1 cemented their position in first place after defeating ROX Tigers with a 2-1 record. Although ROX was a worthy opponent, they couldn't stop Sanghyuk "Faker" Lee in Game 1 and Junsik "Bang" Bae in Game 3.

With the two being chosen as MVP and effectively winning the regular season, you'd think that they'd show a certain degree of pride and sense of accomplishment in the post-match MVP interview with OGN.

However, what we've heard from Faker was surprising to say the least. He said, "I'm relieved that we will be heading to finals, but I'm not satisfied with my recent plays."

Of course, that doesn't mean that he was any less prepared: "We expected that the toplaner will be the focus of bans during the draft phase. Also, I figure that the game went in our favor since ROX has too much emphasis on AD and Cassiopeia was a good champion to face against Rengar."

Even when SKT lost Game 2, Faker was not worried for a good reason: "Although the team mood went worse after losing Game 2, I wasn't worried at all because Sungu 'Blank' Kang was in his top shape."


As for Bang, the MVP for Game 3, he wasn't also all happy about his play today. He said, "I've been making too many mistakes, and today wasn't an exception. I have a lot to improve on."

Although his signature Ezreal plays made him the MVP, he wasn't sure if he'd carry the game: "Ashe was on the rise lately, so I wasn't confident that I'd do well with Ezreal and just wanted to hang on until the late game. I think we managed to win because I thought our composition was stronger in the late game."

Lastly, Bang did not forget to thank Jaewan "Wolf" Lee as a partner. "Wolf does a lot more than what you'd see on camera. That's just the way it is for his role. Since League of Legends is about every role in the game, I hope that Wolf gets more MVPs than he does now."

With Faker assuring the fans that they will do their best to be even better in the last match of the regular season and the finals of the playoffs, the interview bid farewell to the victors.

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