Indiefoxx loses her Twitch partnership following latest ban

Source: Indiefoxx

Jenelle "Indiefoxx" Dagres was stripped of her Twitch partnership on Wednesday.  While the 26-year-old streamer will likely be allowed to return to the platform, she will not receive partnership benefits, which include, among other things, access to features like Subscriber Emotes, Paid Subscribers, and new sources of Ad revenue. 


Twitch's decision to unpartner the streamer comes after the platform was criticized for repeatedly suspending her account over suggestive content without ever applying a more permanent punishment. Twitch's decision to unpartner Indiefoxx is the most severe punishment they have levied on the streamer and OnlyFan's model so far.


Indiefoxx has drawn a lot of attention in recent weeks over her insistence of engaging in what many see as inappropriate adult content on the streaming platform. She was banned on June 19th alongside fellow streamer Amouranth, after both streamers engaged in highly sexualized forms of ASMR. Upon returning to Twitch after that suspension, Amouranth backed off her overtly sexual content, while Indiefoxx doubled down, earning herself a second ban on June 28th.


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Amouranth blames female streamers for attracting "offensively creepy and coomery people"


Indiefoxx is one of many streamers who have been pushing the envelope in regards to adult content in recent months. In the past few months alone, Twitch has seen the rise of hottub streams and then the rise of suggestive "ASMR" streams.


In response to the rise in adult-themed streams, Twitch has struggled to lay out and enforce clear rules and guidelines, although they do officially ban suggestive content. Perhaps their action to unpartner Indiefoxx will send a clearer message to those streamers who are looking to test Twitch's tolerance for suggestive content.

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