Amouranth blames female streamers for attracting "offensively creepy and coomery people"


Kaitlyn "Amouranth" Siragusa isn't bothered by her ban at all. 


After being banned for suggestively licking a mic during a yoga pants-clad ASMR stream on Twitch, Amouranth has been back to her usual antics on social media. This includes posting bikini photos on Twitter and asking her Instagram followers to check out her OnlyFans. 


But on Amouranth's personal Twitter account, she decided to respond to an interesting thread about women's safety on Twitch. Some female streamers expressed concern that the "hot tub meta" and other sexual content on Twitch would attract more "creeps" to the streaming platform, leading to female streamers being bombarded with more harassment than before, even if they weren't inherently sexy streams. 



A fellow female streamer responded to the thread, saying that she didn't notice an increase in creeps on her chat despite the rise in popularity of the "hot tub meta" and other adult content. She also noted that it wasn't the sex workers' problem if more creeps harassed women anyway. It was solely the fault of creeps who chose to "chat-hop" to non-sexual chats and harass those female streamers. 


Amouranth blames female streamers for attracting creeps on Twitch



Amouranth decided to take it one step further. Instead of blaming creeps for being creeps, Amouranth said it was actually the fault of the female streamers. 


"If anything, sexy streamers basically dive on the grenade that is offensively creepy and coomery people," Amouranth tweeted. "But I guess make a mountain out of a molehill for a little bit of content I guess." 


Amouranth explained that some non-sexual female streamers have reported an uptick in creeps on their stream. But the difference was minimal. One non-sexual female streamer told Amouranth she had a "100% rise in creeps since the hot tub meta." According to Amouranth, this meant one to two bans per stream changed to two to four. 


"It's a problem, but largely overblown," Amouranth said. 



Right now it's unclear when Amouranth and other ASMR meta pioneers will return to Twitch. The ban most likely won't be too long if their past suspensions are anything to go by. Amouranth has been banned for NSFW wardrobe malfunctions in the past, which only got her three days off of Twitch. 


For now, Amouranth doesn't seem too worried about the situation. In fact, the suspension has just increased the conversation about her and given her more attention. When Amouranth had her highly revealing wardrobe malfunction years ago, she saw an increase in followers and subscribers upon her return to Twitch. 

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