T1 Canna: "Daeny really knows a LOT about LoL, so we’ve all been learning a lot from him."


On June 30, in the 2021 League of Legends Champions Korea Summer Split, T1 defeated kt Rolster 2-1 to collect their fourth win of the season. With their win, they returned to 5th place in the standings. When the match was tied at 1-1, T1 picked Wukong, which was an unusual pick in the recent LCK. It was Kim “Canna” Chang-dong who played Wukong, and this turned out to be a great pick. Canna had a great performance in the game. He was voted as the Player of the Game, and he joined the press room to talk with the media.



How do you feel about today’s win?


It wasn’t an easy match and I’m relieved that we were able to win 2-1.


Wukong doesn’t appear that much in the LCK. It wouldn’t have been easy to pick him. How did you end up picking Wukong?


First of all, kt Rolster had a good draft. They limited the champions that I could play. Considering our team’s draft, we decided that Wukong would go along well, so I ended up picking Wukong.


Wukong struggled in the early game. What did you think? What did you discuss with your teammates?


After all picks were locked in, the opponent had priority in all lanes, so I was pressured about being dove. Thankfully, Cuzz’s Xin Zhao looked after me a lot. I played very conservatively and aimed for the teamfights later in the game.


kt Rolster attempted Baron right after cutting off Teddy’s Jhin. As you caved in on them while they were trying Baron, did you think you’d win that fight?


I don’t remember exactly, but we knew that they used up several ults, and we thought there’s a good chance that we’d win even without Jhin if we fought head to head. We thought it was winnable since we checked their ults and spells.


You won the first match of the week. Going 4-3 this season wouldn’t be as satisfying, but do you think you could create a good flow moving forward?


The result up to now isn't what we expected, but we had many conversations as a team, trying to improve our problems. We did win the first game this week, but no one’s fully satisfied. We need to win all the remaining matches.


There’s the long telecom rivalry between T1 and kt Rolster. How was your mindset?


People often call it the Telecom Derby, but I don’t know about that. They’re just another team, and our enemy, so we need to beat them. My mindset is always the same.


Your next opponent is Afreeca Freecs. How will you face them?


Afreeca Freecs have been doing great this summer. We need to prepare really well. My opponent today was Doran. He’s a great top laner for sure… My next opponent will be Kiin and he’s also a great player. I need to get ready to play against him.


As much as Kiin is kind of the ace of Afreeca Freecs, they look after him a lot. I think we would need to beware of Kiin the most.


As you said, Kiin is one of the best top laners in the LCK, but you’re also a great top laner. What advantage do you think you have over Kiin?


I’m confident that I’m better at playing the team game. Daeny really knows a LOT about LoL, so we’ve all been learning a lot from him. We all aim to play in that direction, so I believe I could move better as a team than Kiin can.


Any last comments?


Thank you to all the fans that came, and to the fans who always cheer for me, whether I’m doing well or not. Thank you. I’ll try to make good results in the upcoming match as well.

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