[UPDATED 7/6] Riot Games suspends pr1me from TCL until legal investigation is completed

Source: Riot Games


UPDATE 7/6: Riot Games Turkey has announced that pr1me will be suspended from competing in the TCL until the legal procedure of his investigation is completed in accordance with Turkish law. 



Original story:

Source: Galakticos


Turkish esports organization Galakticos has cut ties with Mustafa "pr1me" Bilici following accusations of sexual abuse with a minor. Hamza "Maximillion" Kandemir, who played with pr1me on Galakticos as recently as March 2021, called out the organization via Twitter for continuing to employ a player despite what Maximillion claims was a pattern of sexual misconduct and abuse with minors exhibited by that player; Maximillion later revealed the player to be pr1me. 


Hasan Ege Karıksız ofTurkish esports publication Esporin has translated the statements of Galakticos, pr1me, and Maximillion from Turkish to English via Twitter.


In Maximillion's initial statement, the former Galakticos mid laner said that warning his teammate against his actions, pr1me continued to speak to a 14 year-old girl in a sexual context. When Maximillion told pr1me to block the child to halt any contact, pr1me did so, but according to Maximillion, immediately unblocked her afterwards and continued to speak with her in the same inappropriate fashion. 


Maximillion goes on to say he confronted his child relative, stating that he knew everything and brought the situation to Galakticos management, but according to Maximillion's statement, no actions were taken against and/or involving pr1me despite an assurance of the contrary. Maximillion said that nothing he has stated online is without proof and that evidence has been handed to authorities, but felt he had to say something publicly due to the slowness of the justice system. 


Galakticos released a statement following Maximillion's stating that they were closely following the issue and that their legal team would be working to ensure any actions taken by pr1me were not made the fault of the organization while they waited for the legal system to decide if any guilt should be placed. Galakticos also confirmed that they had reached out to Maximillion for any proof or evidence of pr1me's actions to no avail. 



Shortly after, Galakticos made another statement that after failing to acquire documents of proof from Maximillion, the organization was approached by famous Turkish streamer Ahmet "Jahrein" Sonuç, who had initially taken an interest in the situation from the onset of it being made public. Jahrein claimed that the evidence Maximillion has is legitimate, and as a result, Galakticos severed ties entirely with pr1me. Galakticos thanked Jahrein for approaching the organization.


pr1me has also released a statement, stating that nothing sexual ever happened between himself and the 14-year old girl, and that he never forced or pressured anything sexual on her. He also said that he was told by the girl that her age was 16, not 14, and that after speaking for a few months, developed a mutual attraction. pr1me said that the pair exchanged pictures consensually once, but did not determine at which point in their relationship or contact that this occurred.


pr1me's statement also mentions that the girl's family threatened him with ultimatums of things like marriage, which contrasts with Maximillion's statement that pr1me was the one who brought up these subjects voluntarily with the girl herself. pr1me also said that any claims of traumatization her family is making is not due to his actions involving her, but instead is due to her family's actions and handling of the situation.


pr1me ends his statement by expressing how hurt he is, apologizes to his team and organization for indirectly involving them in the situation, and claims to have made the decision that led to his benching and subsequent removal from Galakticos so as not to further distract his teammates from competing. 


Maximillion has issued one more statement as of June 29, 2021 saying that he did approach pr1me about the situation previously to put a stop to it, and that while pr1me was fearful, Maximillion nor any of his relatives never threatened pr1me or gave him an ultimatum to his knowledge. Maximillion said that if any proof of these threats surface he will take back all accusations and apologize, but also that his evidence makes it incredibly clear that pr1me knew the girl was 14, not 16.


Maximillion finishes his last statement saying that what's done is done and that the legal system will resolve it in time. He also says that while he didn't want to bother anyone during hard times, there was a sad family in pain who have now experienced some relief as a result. This situation is ongoing and this story will continue to be updated with any new developments that surface. 


Disclaimer: This article previously stated that pr1me and the alleged victim exchanged photos following their first and only meeting in person. In actuality, pr1me gave no timeline of the photo exchange in his statement, nor did Maximillion. This mistake has been rectified and corrected in the report above. 

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